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16 Feb 2010, 22:54
FinderPop 2.2.4b8 BETA | Thrillseekers
FinderPop 2.2.4b8 THRILLSEEKER BETA (tagged "Fruit flies like a banana") is now available.

- No longer Snow-Leopard specific - this version should work on PPC and Intel systems from 10.4 to 10.6.
Let me know if I broke anything - I only had access to a 10.4 PPC machine for an hour or so but it seemed OK there; I did more extensive testing on Intel 10.5 and 10.6 systems.

- Control-free popups in 10.6 Finder

From the last release, 2.2.4b7 'Time flies like an arrow' :
- Fix problem that showed up with some QuickKeys macros that used the QuickKeys menu access functions (FinderPop would mistakenly believe that the user clicked on an unused spot on the menu bar and would pop up the FinderPop menu.)
- (Hopefully) play nicer with FolderGlance - a user experienced crashes which I wasn't able to reproduce but which I could try to avoid.
- Speed up menu generation by 10% or so

* Adds a goofy scripting facility to run scripts or programs before generating the FinderPop menu, allowing these scripts to add or remove items from the FinderPop Items folder (or indeed any folder.) Basically any file whose name ends in ".fpsh" in the FinderPop Items folder (or one level below it, ie in a folder inside the FinderPop Items folder) will be run before and after FinderPop runs; the Finder selection is passed to the script, the script can examine the selection and add or remove items to the FinderPop Items folder which will then appear (or not) in the FinderPop popup menus. I'll explain this in more detail in another post as it's not likely to be useful to any but a handful of people... but it could be used to reintroduce a measure of contextuality. I was looking at supporting old CM plugins but there are numerous problems with 64/32bitness.)

What remains to be done:

* Contextual Menu Support in apps other than the Finder
* FinderPop info help tag windows

If you're installing this over a previous beta, you'll have to restart or logout for it to take effect.

As usual, if there are any issues with this:

PS: Anyone wishing to see the (rather impressive) results of my recent shoulder operation might like to look here... :-)
17 Feb 2010, 03:51
Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b8 BETA | Thrillseekers
Ah, much thanks!
18 Feb 2010, 21:40
Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b8 BETA | Thrillseekers
Now two days in 10.5.8 on Intel. Works fine so far, at least for the features I use.
23 Feb 2010, 20:31
Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b8 BETA | Thrillseekers
I'll give it a try. Also - if there's any interest in viewing my gastric bypass images (before and after), I'll be happy to make them available.
23 Feb 2010, 22:17
Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b8 BETA | Thrillseekers
Gastric bypass piccies? Nah, sounds a bit, well, squidgy.

My implant talks to me like a pirate's parrot - every so often I hear it demanding beer :)
25 Feb 2010, 14:26
Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b8 BETA | Thrillseekers
see my comment in the support forum. There's a bug here -- somewhere.
26 Mar 2011, 11:11
Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b8 BETA | Thrillseekers
petersphilo wrote:Hi Turly,

I simply had to express how thankful i am that you are continuing development of this tool!
I became so used to having it over the years that using a Mac without it feels downright clunky.

Same here,
I guess Turly
has some die-hard
fans. And please,…
in case you someday
plane to discontinue
FinderPop, please consider
charging us some serious money

All the best,