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23 Dec 2009, 22:03
FinderPop 2.2.4b6 BETA | Thrillseekers | Snow Leopard *ONLY*
FinderPop 2.2.4b6 THRILLSEEKER BETA (tagged "Have a cool yule!") is now available.

* Just a couple of minor tweaks before Christmas - make patching the Finder more robust, handle selecting multiple Finder items better, fix incorrect display of menubar-only-items (those whose name ends in '---m'.)
* I will be offline until next week - so have a good holiday!

From the last release, 2.2.4b4:

* Now works with the Snow Leopard Finder in 32-bit mode (apparently some intel Macs can't run 64-bit apps - thanks Stephane for the info!)
* A few more smallish bugfixes - FinderPop menu items with labels now appear correctly in the FinderPop daemon under Snow Leopard (they'd been clipped previously.)
* This should (ok, "might") work in 10.5 Leopard but I can't tell as the disk drive with my 10.5 partitions on it has started making strange clicking noises :shock: -- I'll have to grab another disk and reinstall 10.5. Hopefully during the week.

* Adds a goofy scripting facility to run scripts or programs before generating the FinderPop menu, allowing these scripts to add or remove items from the FinderPop Items folder (or indeed any folder.) Basically any file whose name ends in ".fpsh" in the FinderPop Items folder (or one level below it, ie in a folder inside the FinderPop Items folder) will be run before and after FinderPop runs; the Finder selection is passed to the script, the script can examine the selection and add or remove items to the FinderPop Items folder which will then appear (or not) in the FinderPop popup menus. I'll explain this in more detail in another post as it's not likely to be useful to any but a handful of people... but it could be used to reintroduce a measure of contextuality. I was looking at supporting old CM plugins but there are numerous problems with 64/32bitness.)

What remains to be done:

* Control-free-clicking
* Contextual Menu Support in apps other than the Finder
* FinderPop info help tag windows

Note that the menus popped up as a result of control-clicking in the unused menubar is handled by the old 32-bit finderpop-daemon so everything works as it used to there (although there was a drawing problem with labels in FP menus which has been fixed in 2.2.4b4.)

If you're installing this over a previous beta, you'll have to restart or logout for it to take effect. (Alternatively if your terminal skills are up to scratch, type killall finderpop-daemon and then open the newly-installed FinderPop prefPane which will cause the newly-installed daemon to start; any programs launched after this point will have the new FinderPop sauce added. Since the Finder will already have been patched using the previously installed version, you'll have to restart the Finder too, you can type killall Finder for that.)


I will eventually pull everything together into a 10.4/10.5/10.6-compatible release.

As usual, if there are any issues with this:

PS: Anyone wishing to see the (rather impressive) results of my recent shoulder operation might like to look here... :-)
24 Dec 2009, 01:44
Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b6 BETA | Thrillseekers | Snow Leopard *ONLY*
Running FinderPop 2.2.4b6 on my Mac Pro Dual-Core Intel Xeon/2.66GHz), with 16 GB RAM on a Hitachi 500 GB drive with a 93.2 GB Mac OS Extended (Journaled) partition, with Mac OS X 10.6.2. So far I do not see any problems.
25 Dec 2009, 08:34
Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b6 BETA | Thrillseekers | Snow Leopard *ONLY*
Thank You very much for your outstanding support. Merry Christmas to you and all the other beneficiaries of your kind work.
26 Dec 2009, 09:33
Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b6 BETA | Thrillseekers | Snow Leopard *ONLY*
Hi Turly,
Great ! But I think the "shortcuts bugs" is striking again !
(see viewtopic.php?f=3&t=43&p=184#p184)

All the best,
27 Dec 2009, 18:21
Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b6 BETA | Thrillseekers | Snow Leopard *ONLY*
Hmm, I don't think that code has changed, so that's a bit of a surprise.
I'll download iKey and see what happens. Any shortcuts on how to reproduce the bug?
28 Dec 2009, 20:50
Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b6 BETA | Thrillseekers | Snow Leopard *ONLY*
Hmm. OK - I checked further, and found the trick - Its not you, it's me :

I have an ikey shortcut which brings Mail to the front and opens the message viewer window. To do the latter, because Mail is so nicely scriptable, the only trick I found is to simulate a menu selection, after getting Mail to the front. And guess what, Finderpop intercepts that action and takes it to be a click in the menubar !
The easy solution for me is to de-activate access to FP through the menubar, which I rarely use anyway.

Thanks for listening, and back to work !
14 Jan 2010, 19:02
Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b6 BETA | Thrillseekers | Snow Leopard *ONLY*
Thank you very mutch for your work. I use FP since many time and I was sorry when it don't operate on Leopard and Snow Leopard.
Now, on iMac8,1 - Intel Core 2 Duo - 2,8 GHz with Mac OS X 10.6.2 (10C540), this last version operate as before. It was a very good surprise when I have found that.
Again thank you.
15 Jan 2010, 03:50
Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b6 BETA | Thrillseekers | Snow Leopard *ONLY*
All seems to be working well with 2.2.4b6, and I have been using it on three different models (iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Pro).
15 Jan 2010, 17:33
Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b6 BETA | Thrillseekers | Snow Leopard *ONLY*
I'm having problems with the beta and had to remove it. There might be some conflicts with FolderGlance, which I purchased because FinderPop wasn't working. See the excerpt from the crash log:

Process: Finder [6863]
Path: /System/Library/CoreServices/
Version: 10.6.2 (10.6.2)
Build Info: Finder_FE-6650201~4
Code Type: X86-64 (Native)
Parent Process: launchd [6857]

PlugIn Path: /Users/mrf/Library/PreferencePanes/FinderPop.prefPane/Contents/Resources/
PlugIn Identifier: com.finderpop.fp-patch-cocoa
PlugIn Version: 2.2 (2.2.2)

Date/Time: 2010-01-12 06:42:27.145 -0500
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.6.2 (10C540)
Report Version: 6

Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000280000010
Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue:

Application Specific Information:
objc_msgSend() selector name: highlightedItem

Thread 0 Crashed: Dispatch queue:
0 libobjc.A.dylib 0x00007fff854c511c objc_msgSend + 40
1 com.finderpop.fp-patch-cocoa 0x000000011213c13f FinderPopPopUpMenuSelect + 1989
2 0x00007fff804aca39 __NSFireTimer + 114
3 0x00007fff845aca58 __CFRunLoopRun + 6488
4 0x00007fff845aac2f CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 575
5 0x00007fff87deda75 _NSUnhighlightCarbonMenu + 105
6 0x00007fff8806d0b8 -[NSMenu _internalPerformActionForItemAtIndex:] + 35
7 0x00007fff87f1f9d5 -[NSCarbonMenuImpl _carbonCommandProcessEvent:handlerCallRef:] + 136
8 0x00007fff87dccb60 NSSLMMenuEventHandler + 321
9 0x00007fff81b09bd7 DispatchEventToHandlers(EventTargetRec*, OpaqueEventRef*, HandlerCallRec*) + 1002
10 0x00007fff81b09126 SendEventToEventTargetInternal(OpaqueEventRef*, OpaqueEventTargetRef*, HandlerCallRec*) + 395
11 0x00007fff81b26d49 SendEventToEventTarget + 45
12 0x00007fff81b55d45 SendHICommandEvent(unsigned int, HICommand const*, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned char, void const*, OpaqueEventTargetRef*, OpaqueEventTargetRef*, OpaqueEventRef**) + 387
13 0x00007fff81b82a1a SendMenuCommandWithContextAndModifiers + 56
14 0x00007fff81b829d4 SendMenuItemSelectedEvent + 101
15 0x00007fff81b828dc FinishMenuSelection(SelectionData*, MenuResult*, MenuResult*) + 150
16 0x00007fff81c8b428 PopUpMenuSelectCore(MenuData*, Point, double, Point, unsigned short, unsigned int, Rect const*, unsigned short, unsigned int, Rect const*, Rect const*, __CFString const*, OpaqueMenuRef**, unsigned short*) + 1567
17 0x00007fff81c8b76f _HandlePopUpMenuSelection7 + 665
18 0x00007fff87f1c987 _NSSLMPopUpCarbonMenu3 + 3720
19 0x00007fff87f1cd37 -[NSCarbonMenuImpl _popUpContextMenu:withEvent:forView:withFont:] + 239
20 0x00007fff8806cefb -[NSMenu _popUpContextMenu:withEvent:forView:withFont:] + 205
21 no.scsc.FolderGlance 0x000000011c7f0ba4 -[NSMenu(FGFolderGlanceAdditions) fgInstancePopUpContextMenu:withEvent:forView:withFont:] + 310
22 com.finderpop.fp-patch-cocoa 0x000000011213dca8 _finderpop_load + 1267
23 no.scsc.FolderGlance 0x000000011c7f14e9 +[NSMenu(FGFolderGlanceAdditions) fgClassPopUpContextMenu:withEvent:forView:] + 518
24 0x000000010019a545 0x100000000 + 1680709
25 0x000000010019a2be 0x100000000 + 1680062
26 0x00000001001eb37c 0x100000000 + 2012028
27 0x00000001001e69fc 0x100000000 + 1993212
28 0x00007fff87d6b3af -[NSWindow sendEvent:] + 8769
29 com.finderpop.fp-patch-cocoa 0x000000011213d077 FinderPopPopUpMenuSelect + 5885
30 0x00007fff87c9fe22 -[NSApplication sendEvent:] + 4719
31 0x00007fff87c36796 -[NSApplication run] + 474
32 0x00007fff87c2f468 NSApplicationMain + 364
33 0x0000000100005d1d 0x100000000 + 23837

I had to remove your app.
15 Jan 2010, 21:04
Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b6 BETA | Thrillseekers | Snow Leopard *ONLY*
Whoops, sorry about that, looks like my bad.

I'll install FolderGlance when I'm at my Mac this weekend and will see what happens. Is this crash repeatable? Is there some way I need to set up FolderGlance for the crash to happen?

BTW, what does FolderGlance offer that FinderPop doesn't? (Other than a nice UI, of course :-) It's been a looooong time since I saw FolderGlance but I thought FinderPop equalled or bettered it in most ways...
16 Jan 2010, 22:43
Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b6 BETA | Thrillseekers | Snow Leopard *ONLY*
Yes, unfortunately it's repeatable.
just install it and right-click on something (text, a folder, space in a folder) with FolderGlance and FinderPop active. Boom.
If it makes any difference, I had uninstalled FinderPop when I upgraded to SnowLeopard as it wasn't compatible. FolderGlance became compatible and offered the functionality I had in FP.

I'm glad you're back and working on this again, turly. This is one of the programs I depend upon for an efficient work environment.

The only significant difference between FP and FG is the latter works with Snow Leopard. That's a biggie - and I paid for a license. :|

It's going to be an interesting piece of work figuring out which program does what better - once you've figured out a way to play nice.

17 Jan 2010, 12:49
Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b6 BETA | Thrillseekers | Snow Leopard *ONLY*
Getting used to Mac OS X (10.2) after switching from Mac OS 9 was not easy and one of the things I missed most was FinderPop. Then there was Ittec that had similar features and I used that one until it became clear that development had stopped and it was not updated for Tiger. I found FolderGlance and used it until I discovered that FinderPop was available for Mac OS X. Never looked back. FinderPop has been the most important reason for me to postpone upgrading to Snow Leopard. Although FolderGlance appeared to be compatible with Snow Leopard, I waited for Turly to make FinderPop work in Snow Leopard. The beta versions now seem to be working fine, so one of these days I will upgrade.

I cannot comment on the current FolderGlance versions, but it's basic functionality is very similar to FinderPop's basic features. I do not see how or why anyone would or could use both at the same time.
23 Jan 2010, 00:51
Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b6 BETA | Thrillseekers | Snow Leopard *ONLY*
I found that folderglance had long delays and was not as responsive as finderpop. I'm running SL on a MacBook Pro and maybe the delay in FG can be attributed to my specific configuration. Anybody else find FG to be slow or unresponsive.
24 Jan 2010, 20:18
Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b6 BETA | Thrillseekers | Snow Leopard *ONLY*
Hey Offline - please give 2.2.4b7 a try.

I was not able to reproduce any problems with FolderGlance - but then I didn't pay for it so maybe some features (which may be required to reproduce the problem) are disabled? I doubt it, but like I say, I didn't see any crashes.

In any event, just looking at your crash log was enough to point me in the general direction and I added a few more sanity checks - some assumptions I made may hold true for the Finder but may not for the Finder + FolderGlance. Additionally, the mere act of having FolderGlance installed but turned off causes FinderPop to not see 'control-command-clicks' so there are no 'contents' popups while FG is installed.

To be honest, I'm with RonaldPR above - it's probably not such a great idea to have both FG and FP because they both do more-or-less the same thing and it comes down to a matter of personal preference...
24 Jan 2010, 23:16
Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b6 BETA | Thrillseekers | Snow Leopard *ONLY*
I'm getting a 'file not found' error with ...

Please send me a copy: my email should be on my profile.
24 Jan 2010, 23:44
Re: FinderPop 2.2.4b6 BETA | Thrillseekers | Snow Leopard *ONLY*
Sorry - all fixed now: here is 2.2.4b7. Will email you too.