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18 May 2014, 10:02
Preferences---n folder anomaly
Using FP 2.5.1 with 10.9.3 on my late 2013 iMac, I made a folder named "Preferences---n" and stuck it in Finderpop Items. This does, as advertised, display a menu of prefs panes, but in my case I am seeing the following anomalous behavior:

1. Two instances of "Printers & Scanners" appear in the menu, both of which do invoke the correct pane.
2. Because I do not have certain devices attached to my computer, a number of .prefPanes are currently "invisible" in my UI: Fibre Channel, Ink, Xsan. These are never the less showing up in FP's menu created using '---n'. If invisible in the UI, they should be so in FP menus (unless showing hidden files is ON) would be preferred.
3. A couple of services are not having their icons rendered correctly in FP's menu: that of Flash Player and also of two standard Apple perfPanes - Internet Access and Notifications.

Here is a screenshot:
finderpop_pref_folder_anomalies.jpg (63.84 KiB) Viewed 2124 times
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Re: Preferences---n folder anomaly

Postby turly » 18 May 2014, 23:03

FinderPop just enumerates as files the contents of the following PreferencePanes folders. It merges the contents of these folders into a single menu.

/System/Library/PreferencePanes -- Mac OS X built-in preference panes
/Library/PreferencePanes -- Third-party preference panes available to all users on the computer
~/Library/PreferencePanes -- Third-party preference panes available only to the current user

Unfortunately FP does not know which prefPanes are applicable or not to particular machines or particular configurations. I don't know of prefpane APIs which I could invoke to see whether a particular prefPane should be displayed - this knowledge might well be hardcoded into the System Preferences app. FP just displays all the prefpanes it finds after a bit of tweaking.

Speaking of said tweaking, FinderPop 2.5.5 AFAIR fixes the two instances of 'Printers & Scanners' showing up.

I'll have a look at the icons issue for the next release!
09 Aug 2013, 17:55
Clicking in unused menubar does not work
I have read a thread discussing this issue. Something about menubar translucency...?

I am using FP 2.5 with 10.5.8 on an Intel-Core Duo-based iMac (rev 4,1). Under system preferences, I find no way of toggling menubar translucency. Invoking FinderPop with no visible desktop, therefore, is a pain in the arse. How can I work around this issue?
27 Oct 2009, 02:30
Re: New file templates
turly wrote:Classic FP had a feature where you could set the file type/creator based on sample files you put into (a folder within) the FinderPop Items folder. I don't think it had anything like you describe, unless you're talking about putting stationery files into the FP Items folder? You might still be able to do that, but I'm not sure that it will behave as you expect... (and I'm not at my Mac to find out, sorry... will have a look during the week.)

Slightly off on a tangent, but, why, oh why has Apple made it so bloody difficult to manipulate file creator/type? It used to be so easy with AppleScript (before I discovered FP) back in the day... :cry:
27 Oct 2009, 02:24
Re: contextual menus in dialog boxes?
I'd like to see the path pop-ups return, but I'll be keeping Default Folder regardless ;-)
27 Oct 2009, 02:21
Re: A different way to organise/divide FP's menu
Good luck with it. I'll be happy to serve as guineapig along the way.
21 Oct 2009, 09:26
A different way to organise/divide FP's menu
Dear Turly,

Today I was rearranging my FP items, and found it to be a frustrating, time consuming process, involving as it does the use of alphanumeric prefixes and empty folders (or files) with "-***" suffix. So much so that my initial thought was I would write an AppleScript library to handle prefix/suffix changes on the fly (increment up/down, create divider, for a start: either single items or selected blocks - it wouldn't be that hard to do). But, then, I remembered good old BeHierarchic (which I believe is still available for the classic Mac OS diehards - it was a great combination with AliasMenu, but, I digress...) BeHierarchic has a very easy, simple way of organizing the AppleMenu which I am hoping may be applicable to FP's contextual menu:

Set the folder to Icon View, with the "snap to grid" option ON.
Folder items are now arranged as desired, no need to consider alphanumeric ordering - if you want an alias to your "Home" folder to appear above, say, another alias pointing to your AppleScript folder, simply arrange the first above the second in the grid. If you want a divider between the two, place them in separate columns (of the grid: not talking about Column View here), OR leave an empty space between the two in the same column.

I'm not sure of the coding involved that allowed BeHierarchic this simple means of organising the AppleMenu, but surely it shouldn't be too difficult to work out (and, who knows, but Fabien Octave - BeHierarchic's creator - might be willing to share or licence the code?).

I would surely prefer such a method to that presently available for FP items.