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16 Mar 2010, 12:33
FP 2.2.1b small problems
I have installed FinderPop a few days ago. It's an extraordinary piece of software! Many thanks to you Mr Turly! I have eared about your health problems: I heartily hope all is better for you now! As you call for beta testers for FP2.2.1b, I have tried it for some days and here is what I have noticed:
1) Trying to install FP2.2.1b over 2.2 (after quitting system preferences) leads to error -3. Installation succeeds after removing FP2.2 from pref panes (happened 3+ times).
2) After FP installing, my Logitech mouse was not working properly. I had to open and close its preference pane to fix it (unreproducible).
3) When a window region has no original contextual menu, FP doesn't create its own (normal?).
4) Finder windows toolbar and title bar have a contextual menu but FP one is not included.
5) Sometimes, key "p" doesn't work when "Finder" is on top. Fixed after FP reinstalling.
6) When right click in some application's windows (Opera at least), FP doesn't add its menu (mouse management is made differently in Opera: response is on button up, not down).

I use OS 10.5.8 on iMac.
16 Mar 2010, 15:01
Re: FP 2.2.1b small problems
Hey Clovis2 - thanks for the notes/bug reports!
However you should try the most recent version, FinderPop 2.2.5 beta (see here.)
There have been a lot of changes since 2.2.1b.

FinderPop only adds itself to already existing contextual menus; the only place it creates its own is when you click a blank bit of menubar (if that option is turned on.)
In the Finder, FP will only add itself to contextual menus that appear where you can click on a file/folder. So FP will not add itself to the contextual menus that appear when you click in certain areas of Finder windows.
Pressing the modifier keys in FP menus always works. Sometimes, due to a bug in the menu manager, pressing 'p' or 'i' or whatever while a menu is being displayed gives you the spinning pizza of death. It will eventually come back, but it can take minutes. That's why I prefer to use the modifier key combinations...
I have no idea about the Logitech thing - could have been a once-off?

I haven't tried Opera, but I will...

Thanks very much for the notes!