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15 Mar 2010, 23:38
FinderPop 2.2.6 BETA
FinderPop 2.2.6 BETA (tagged "Ghosts On Water") is now available.

(2.2.6 is the same as 2.2.5 with updated localisations.)

- No longer Thrillseekers Only! Still a beta, though - until a few days have gone by so we weed out the last few bugs. Should be relatively stable. Contact me soonest if not!
- Works on PPC 10.4 and 10.5, as well as Intel 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6.
- If no problems appear in the next few days, I'll re-release it as a non-beta and announce it to MacUpdate, VersionTracker et al.

From the previous semi-public release FinderPop 2.2.4b8 THRILLSEEKER BETA (tagged "Fruit flies like a banana") :
- Fix a crash with PathFinder.
- Control-free popups in 10.6 Finder
- No longer Snow-Leopard-specific
- Fix problem that showed up with some QuickKeys macros
- Play nicer with FolderGlance

* Adds a goofy scripting facility to run scripts or programs before generating the FinderPop menu, allowing these scripts to add or remove items from the FinderPop Items folder (or indeed any folder.) Basically any file whose name ends in ".fpsh" in the FinderPop Items folder (or one level below it, ie in a folder inside the FinderPop Items folder) will be run before and after FinderPop runs; the Finder selection is passed to the script, the script can examine the selection and add or remove items to the FinderPop Items folder which will then appear (or not) in the FinderPop popup menus. I'll explain this in more detail in another post as it's not likely to be useful to any but a handful of people... but it could be used to reintroduce a measure of contextuality. I was looking at supporting old CM plugins but there are numerous problems with 64/32bitness.)

What remains to be done:

* Contextual Menu Support in apps other than the Finder on Snow Leopard
* FinderPop info help tag windows on Cocoa apps in Snow Leopard

If you're installing this over a previous beta, you'll have to restart or logout for it to take effect.

As usual, if there are any issues with this:

PS: Anyone wishing to see the (rather impressive) results of my recent shoulder operation might like to look here... :-)
17 Mar 2010, 01:32
Re: FinderPop 2.2.5 BETA
Thanks for the update, Turly. Hope your injuries are healing up properly and the pain has subsided. Thanks again for all your hard work - even one-handed!
Take care,

A. H.
21 Mar 2010, 04:41
Re: FinderPop 2.2.5 BETA
No problems found after three stress test days with FP 2.2.5b on OSX.5.8 (PPC G4).

OK: PrefPane installation and GUI functions
OK: FP click with or without ctr key
OK: Appearance of all "FP Items", separators etc. in FP contextmenus
OK: FP filebrowsing speed
OK: FP filebrowsing info (cmd-alt)
OK: FP filebrowsing info with big icon (cmd-alt-sft)
OK: FP filebrowsing grab function (g)
OK: FP filebrowsing trash function (cmd-alt-ctr)
OK: FP filebrowsing reveal function (cmd)
OK: FP filetransfer dialog functions (move/copy/alias/newfolder)
OK: Ctr-free click onto folder shows "folder content only"*
OK: FP menubar click and top-left-corner-click
OK: Everything else :D

* Under the "Options" tab, the mini-checkmark to the left of the mini-slider cannot be unchecked: Although this checkmark is blue (not light grey), it's untouchably fixed (permanently activated). For me that's OK, but maybe others want to uncheck this and wonder why it's "frozen".
21 Mar 2010, 14:05
Re: FinderPop 2.2.5 BETA
No problems so far on my MacBook or iMac. I've waited patiently for this pref pane and it seems worth it. Thanks Turly.
21 Mar 2010, 20:49
Re: FinderPop 2.2.5 BETA
A. H. wrote:* Under the "Options" tab, the mini-checkmark to the left of the mini-slider cannot be unchecked: Although this checkmark is blue (not light grey), it's untouchably fixed (permanently activated). For me that's OK, but maybe others want to uncheck this and wonder why it's "frozen".

The "Contents if on folder" mini-checkbox should be disabled (grey) when the slider is all the way to the right ("Never"). It is for me, anyway.

But for you it's blue and cannot be turned off? Could be a localisation problem, I'll try some of the other localisations later to see if they behave as expected. What localisation do you use?
A. H.
22 Mar 2010, 15:23
Re: FinderPop 2.2.5 BETA
Yes, Turly, that checkbox is blue and not clickable. My slider is not set to "never". I'm using the German localisation. Now I found out that the checkbox can be switched by clicking the text to the right of it. But primarily the checkbox itself should be made clickable — rather than its text — according to Apple's User Interface Guidelines. ;)
23 Mar 2010, 22:38
Re: FinderPop 2.2.5 BETA
Turns out that the text box containing "Maustaste nach Klick im Finder gedrückt halten" was a few pixels too wide and overlapped the checkbox to its right. I've made it a bit smaller and will post a new version tomorrow night - I have no time tonight unfortunately.

Thanks for the bug report!
28 Mar 2010, 18:28
Re: FinderPop 2.2.5 BETA
I have figured out the reason why FP does not work well on my environment. :D

Because I turned off all services at "Keyboard Shortcuts" of "Keyboard" preference pane.

We have to activate "Folder Actions Setup.." service if we want to use FP well.

Now I've activate "Folder Actions Setup.." service and FP works perfect.

Thank you.
29 Mar 2010, 18:21
Re: FinderPop 2.2.5 BETA
hikki wrote:Now I've activate "Folder Actions Setup.." service and FP works perfect.

Hikki - I'm really sorry, I knew that services had to be enabled but completely forgot to ask you when you were having problems... sorry for wasting your time (but very glad you got it working in the end!)

Thanks muchly for your perseverence!
14 Apr 2010, 20:02
Re: FinderPop 2.2.5 BETA
turly wrote:FinderPop 2.2.5 BETA (tagged "Ghosts On Water") is now available

Doesn't show up as 2.2.5 for me. The download is 2.2.6 and it shows 2.2.6 in the about pane. I'm confused. Maybe you need to relabel this thread to 2.2.6?
15 Apr 2010, 08:41
Re: FinderPop 2.2.6 BETA
2.2.6 has an updated French localisation and a slightly tweaked German localisation (I didn't change any of the words, just resized some text fields so they didn't overlap... there will be a new German localisation as soon as I get around to integrating it.)
I didn't feel it was worth the fanfare to announce a 'new' v 2.2.6 when it was nearly identical to 2.2.5 so I silently updated it...

Hopefully we'll have a new official version this weekend.
18 Apr 2010, 16:26
Re: FinderPop 2.2.6 BETA
Hi Turly,

hope you're okay!
Thanks for your work with FP!
As always, almost everyhing works fine after weeks of usage (MBP, SL latest update).
Just the Finder-labels not visible anymore (since the last major update, I think).