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30 Nov 2014, 13:58
installation of v 2.5.8 for all users
I am trying to update to and install v. 2.5.8, and no matter what uninstalls etc i do it refuses every time to install for all users, but will accept for one user only. How do I educate it? Please?
30 Nov 2014, 14:25
Re: installation of v 2.5.8 for all users
1, I do not know a version 2.5.8. As far as I am aware, the latest version is 2.5.7

2. First uninstall FP properly by using the option in FinderPop preferences panel > Etc. tab > Uninstall FinderPop. (If FP is installed for more than one user, repeat that for every user that has FP installed.)

3. Then install FinderPop for all users:
- Make sure that System Preferences is not running - quit it if it is running.
- Download the latest FinderPop version and double-click the FinderPop.prefPane icon from that download.
- When System Preferences opens it'll ask you whether FP should be installed for all users or just you. Choose "All users".
01 Dec 2014, 11:12
Re: installation of v 2.5.8 for all users
Yes, there's no v. 2.5.8 yet.
Note that you will need admin privileges to install FinderPop for All Users. Follow the steps outlined by RonaldPR... (thanks Ronald!)