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31 Jul 2012, 17:21
Version 2.4.4 & Mountain Lion
This issue started with Mountain Lion and version 2.4.4

After a boot, when Finder is the only App running, either at the Desktop or with a Finder Window opened, the FinderPop Menu will not open, no matter where I click in the Menu bar, or whether Translucent Menu Bar is on or off.

The FinderPop menu will open if I run any App and click the menu bar while that app is running. Once the App closes and Finder is once again the only App running, the FinderPop menu stops again.

I can get the FinderPop menu to work correctly by opening its Preference Pane and clicking Off then On. It then works correctly until the next boot.

FinderPop is installed for All Users.

31 Jul 2012, 21:30
Re: Version 2.4.4 & Mountain Lion
Weird problem. I do not see it with 2.4.4 in Mountain Lion. I have FP installed for only this user (me). Maybe the problem is only manifest when installed for all users?

Edit: Could it be that the Finder loads before finderpop-daemon? Does FP work in the Finder when you relaunch the Finder? (Click the Finder icon in the Dock while holding the option (alt) button to see the relaunch option.)
31 Jul 2012, 22:05
Re: Version 2.4.4 & Mountain Lion
I've just noticed that no matter how many apps are running, or if Finder is the only one and I've managed to get FinderPop working by clicking Off/On, if TextEdit is running in the foreground, for instance, if I click away from this Browser Window while typing this and click on a TextEdit Window, FinderPop quits working.

I'll experiment and re-install just for me and see how that goes.

01 Aug 2012, 07:17
Re: Version 2.4.4 & Mountain Lion
Hmm, works fine here and I'm installed for "All Users" (you have to be if you want FP to work with SandBoxed apps like TextEdit.)
Even if the Finder loads before FinderPop, FP will still patch it.

Is there anything unusual printed in the Console?

What happens if you kill the Finder while FP is active? When the Finder restarts, FP should patch it and print messages to that effect on the Console...
01 Aug 2012, 14:05
Re: Version 2.4.4 & Mountain Lion
turly wrote:I'm installed for "All Users" (you have to be if you want FP to work with SandBoxed apps like TextEdit.)

I didn't know that (and didn't notice yet as I installed ML only three days ago). I uninstalled FinderPop and installed it for All Users. It works fine for me in the Finder, but it still does not work in TextEdit and also not in Mail and in Preview. It does work in TextWrangler, in Safari, in Contacts, in iPhoto, in iTunes, in Pages, and in System Preferences.

When I launch TextEdit:
01-08-12 14:55:04,000 kernel[0]: Sandbox: sandboxd(509) deny mach-lookup
01-08-12 14:56:06,596[516]: Bug: 12A269: liblaunch.dylib + 23849 [224CB010-6CF8-3FC2-885C-6F80330321EB]: 0x25
01-08-12 14:56:08,083 TextEdit[514]: FinderPop: current app appears to be SandBoxed
01-08-12 14:56:08,000 kernel[0]: Sandbox: sandboxd(517) deny mach-lookup
01-08-12 14:56:08,591 sandboxd[517]: ([514]) TextEdit(514) deny file-read-data /Users

Full report:
TextEdit(514) deny file-read-data /Users

Process:         TextEdit [514]
Path:            /Applications/
Load Address:    0x1044e2000
Version:         301 (1.8)
Build Info:      50-TextEdit~301000000000000
Code Type:       x86_64 (Native)
Parent Process:  launchd [165]

Date/Time:       2012-08-01 14:56:08.093 +0200
OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.8 (12A269)
Report Version:  8

Thread 0:
0   libsystem_kernel.dylib           0x00007fff89c4a02a __open_nocancel + 10
1   fp-patch-mb-cocoa                0x0000000107f20d3b _finderpop_load + 344
2   FinderPopOsax                    0x0000000107f14bbf FPOsaxHandler + 791
3   OpenScripting                    0x00007fff87c7f8b1 EventHandlerThunk(AEDesc const*, AEDesc*, void*) + 99
4   AE                               0x00007fff90a88f68 aeDispatchAppleEvent(AEDesc const*, AEDesc*, unsigned int, unsigned char*) + 307
5   AE                               0x00007fff90a88dc9 dispatchEventAndSendReply(AEDesc const*, AEDesc*) + 37
6   AE                               0x00007fff90a88c89 aeProcessAppleEvent + 318
7   HIToolbox                        0x00007fff8ca35e29 AEProcessAppleEvent + 100
8   AppKit                           0x00007fff891642a6 _DPSNextEvent + 1456
9   AppKit                           0x00007fff89163862 -[NSApplication nextEventMatchingMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:] + 128
10  AppKit                           0x00007fff8915ac03 -[NSApplication run] + 517
11  AppKit                           0x00007fff890ff656 NSApplicationMain + 869
12  libdyld.dylib                    0x00007fff8aed47e1 start + 0

Binary Images:
       0x107f14000 -        0x107f14ff7  com.finderpop.finderpop-osax (2.4.4 - 2.4.4) <E8F63C06-C2D3-9F9B-DB01-D7E981A45D77> /Library/ScriptingAdditions/FinderPopOsax.osax/Contents/MacOS/FinderPopOsax
       0x107f1f000 -        0x107f22ff7  com.finderpop.fp-patch-mb-cocoa (2.4.2 - 2.4.2) <17307009-CBBA-30E0-61F9-040BD7308804> /Library/PreferencePanes/FinderPop.prefPane/Contents/Resources/
    0x7fff87c6c000 -     0x7fff87c88fff (1.3.5) <ACDE22A1-6170-3289-AF26-E501E6326BD7> /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/OpenScripting.framework/Versions/A/OpenScripting
    0x7fff8900d000 -     0x7fff89c37fff (6.8 - 1187) <C9309F5C-9441-3E5B-A120-B03FEDDA63F9> /System/Library/Frameworks/AppKit.framework/Versions/C/AppKit
    0x7fff89c38000 -     0x7fff89c53ff7  libsystem_kernel.dylib (2050.7.9) <E0447BF5-E104-35B0-B28B-4156887D58F1> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_kernel.dylib
    0x7fff8aed2000 -     0x7fff8aed5ff7  libdyld.dylib (210.2.3) <F59367C9-C110-382B-A695-9035A6DD387E> /usr/lib/system/libdyld.dylib
    0x7fff8c9cc000 -     0x7fff8ccfbff7 (2.0) <49C4A53E-9239-3B9A-95DC-8C7B398E491D> /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/HIToolbox.framework/Versions/A/HIToolbox
    0x7fff90a80000 -     0x7fff90addff7 (645 - 645) <9C3E54BA-EE6B-3F02-8775-9C4AF40F40CD> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/AE.framework/Versions/A/AE
01 Aug 2012, 18:38
Re: Version 2.4.4 & Mountain Lion
Gah, not @ my Mac again. I haven't used TextEdit in Donkey's Years but FP used to work with sandboxed TextEdit, I swears.

Note: for FinderPop to patch Sandboxed apps, the FinderPop prefPane needs to be installed for all users, not just you.
If your FinderPop is installed for just you, you can uninstall it and then reinstall it for all users by - close System Preferences, open it again, right-click on FinderPop's icon in System Preferences, choose 'Remove' or 'Uninstall', then close System Preferences. Back in the Finder, double-click the FinderPop.prefPane you've just downloaded, which will open System Preferences, which will ask you whether you want to install FinderPop for all users, or just you. Choose 'All Users' and continue as usual.
The technical reason for this is that Sandboxed apps have read access to /System/Library but no access at all to /Users/your-name-here/Library. When FinderPop is installed for all users, it's put in /System/Library/PreferencePanes, a location which is accessible.

That sandbox is denying access to /Users is fine, but I'm not sure what FinderPop is attempting to do in /Users. It should load the patch code from /System/Library/PreferencePanes - as indeed it seems to have done, because fp-patch-mb-cocoa has been loaded from there. I wonder if it's getting annoyed that this menubar patch code is attempting to load the FinderPop Preferences from /Users/<you>/Library/Preferences... but surely TextEdit prefs would be there too. Curiouser and curiouser...

I'll have a look at it again @ the weekend...
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01 Aug 2012, 23:07
Re: Version 2.4.4 & Mountain Lion
Thanks for a terrific little program.

As in RonaldPR's comments, I can confirm that, with Mountain Lion installed on a 2011 MacBook Air and also on a MacPro, FP works as before, EXCEPT in Mail, TextEdit and Preview. Strangely it's OK in other PDF apps such as Acrobat Pro and PDFPenPro. I use FP as a pull-down menu in an unused part of the menu bar.
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04 Aug 2012, 01:10
Re: Version 2.4.4 & Mountain Lion
Add to the list of incompatibilities the latest Parallels 7.0.15104.778994.
However, the latest VMware Fusion 4.1.3 is OK.
06 Aug 2012, 09:55
Re: Version 2.4.4 & Mountain Lion
turly wrote:I'll have a look at it again @ the weekend...

And what did you find?
06 Aug 2012, 15:38
Re: Version 2.4.4 & Mountain Lion
I only had around 90 minutes to look at it, played around a bit, I think I know what's going on, but I wasn't able to fix it satisfactorily :-(
Hopefully will have another look tonight or tomorrow.
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17 Aug 2012, 23:07
Re: Version 2.4.4 & Mountain Lion
Any luck, Turly, tracking down the culprits?
19 Aug 2012, 10:14
Re: Version 2.4.4 & Mountain Lion
Not since I last looked at it, sorry - and now I'm in Cork getting rained on every day for my "Summer Holidays". Back in BCN in September when I'll look at this again. Sorry for the delay!
19 Aug 2012, 16:25
Re: Version 2.4.4 & Mountain Lion
Considering your ever changing whereabouts, ever thought of buying a MacBook Pro/Air for your next machine?
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25 Aug 2012, 14:04
Re: Version 2.4.4 & Mountain Lion
If in Cork you should spend a night, or at least have a good meal, a few miles to the north at one of our favourite places:
The Mustard Seed
Co. Limerick
A lovely place to stay/dine.
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30 Sep 2012, 05:34
Re: Version 2.4.4 & Mountain Lion
Any news, Turly?
30 Sep 2012, 12:28
Re: Version 2.4.4 & Mountain Lion
Looking at it again now. The way I get FinderPop to do its stuff for Sandboxed apps is to have the FP daemon periodically send an AppleEvent to my injected code in the app, which should then send a reply saying "nothing happened" or "the user just clicked in an unused spot in the menubar, pop up the FP menu". The AppleEvents arrive at the sandboxed app, I *think* I'm sending the reply, but no reply arrives at the daemon. So I'm looking as to why that is... this worked fine on 10.7.x.
30 Sep 2012, 16:59
Re: Version 2.4.4 & Mountain Lion
OK, I think I've fixed it now in 2.4.5. I had specified that the reply AppleEvent would be handled asynchronously in the daemon - which doesn't work for some reason with Sandboxed apps. Now I ask for an immediate reply, which I get.
And there was much rejoicing.