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31 Jul 2012, 22:05
Re: Version 2.4.4 & Mountain Lion
I've just noticed that no matter how many apps are running, or if Finder is the only one and I've managed to get FinderPop working by clicking Off/On, if TextEdit is running in the foreground, for instance, if I click away from this Browser Window while typing this and click on a TextEdit Window, FinderPop quits working.

I'll experiment and re-install just for me and see how that goes.

31 Jul 2012, 17:21
Version 2.4.4 & Mountain Lion
This issue started with Mountain Lion and version 2.4.4

After a boot, when Finder is the only App running, either at the Desktop or with a Finder Window opened, the FinderPop Menu will not open, no matter where I click in the Menu bar, or whether Translucent Menu Bar is on or off.

The FinderPop menu will open if I run any App and click the menu bar while that app is running. Once the App closes and Finder is once again the only App running, the FinderPop menu stops again.

I can get the FinderPop menu to work correctly by opening its Preference Pane and clicking Off then On. It then works correctly until the next boot.

FinderPop is installed for All Users.