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22 Apr 2012, 22:28
FinderPop 2.4.2 beta
FinderPop 2.4.2 BETA (tagged "April Showers") is now available.

Please don't publicise this to MacUpdate and VersionTracker et al, I still need a couple of tweaks before doing a proper release

A couple of fixes to 2.4.1:
  • Fix bug where labelled non-folder items would not be opened if chosen from a FinderPop menu if FinderPop's "Use Finder Label Colours" was enabled
  • [10.6 only, not 10.7 yet] Any item ending in '---R' will have a submenu listing the Finder's Recent Folders hanging off it. For example, having an item named 'Finder Recent---R' will result in a FinderPop menu item named 'Finder Recent' whose submenu lists the accessible items in the Finder Go menu's Recent Folders submenu.
  • Increase max font size in FP menus to 32 points
  • Sundry minor fixes

    Previous fixes:
    • Fix bug where FinderPop would silently stop making its menus when it came across an unresolvable alias while iterating through the contents of a folder. Also improve handling of unresolvable aliases if one is actually selected from an FP menu (the alias will be shown and selected in Finder.)
    • Choosing an AppleScript .scpt file from a FinderPop menu will now result in the script file being passed whatever you control-clicked in the Finder. (The AppleScript script file should use an "on run argv ... end run" handler to see the arg list.) If you prefer the old method of dealing with .scpt Script files:
      defaults write com.finderpop.finderpop useOSADoScriptFile -bool true
    • Restore Drive Genius to the list of apps we shouldn't patch
    • Fixed a couple of installation issues
    • Improve click-in-unused-menubar stuff for Carbon apps
    • First cut at getting unused-menubar-click working in Lion's Sandboxed apps (eg TextEdit, Preview).
      This is EXPERIMENTAL and can be disabled by:
      defaults write com.finderpop.finderpop pollSandboxedApps -bool false
      • Note: for FinderPop to patch Sandboxed apps, the FinderPop prefPane needs to be installed for all users, not just you.
        If your FinderPop is installed for just you, you can uninstall it and then reinstall it for all users by - close System Preferences, open it again, right-click on FinderPop's icon in System Preferences, choose 'Remove' or 'Uninstall', then close System Preferences. Back in the Finder, double-click the FinderPop.prefPane you've just downloaded, which will open System Preferences, which will ask you whether you want to install FinderPop for all users, or just you. Choose 'All Users' and continue as usual.
        The technical reason for this is that Sandboxed apps have read access to /System/Library but no access at all to /Users/your-name-here/Library. When FinderPop is installed for all users, it's put in /System/Library/PreferencePanes, a location which is accessible.
    • Fix an issue patching 32-bit applications on 10.7 Lion
    • Tweak Lion control-free popup code
    • New, improved Lion "unused menubar" stuff backported to 10.5/10.6

What remains to be done:
* Contextual Menu Support in apps other than the Finder on Snow Leopard and Lion
* Decode the Finder's Recent Folders prefs for 10.7 and 10.8
* Fix previews on Lion

If you're installing this over a previous beta, you'll have to restart or logout/login for it to take effect.

As usual, if there are any issues with this, reply here in the forum!
23 Apr 2012, 07:42
Re: FinderPop 2.4.2 beta
Hi Turly. Thanks for continuing development of FinderPop, which I use daily.

A problem that started a while ago is that ---f (or -!!f) no longer works. Even with an item selected in the Finder, the FinderPop item does not appear in the contextual menu. I think this problem may have started when I updated to the OS X 10.7.4 beta, but it persists with FinderPop 2.4.2 beta. Any thoughts?
23 Apr 2012, 12:15
Re: FinderPop 2.4.2 beta
The included FP2.4.2-README.txt starts with: 'This is release 2.4.3 "April Showers" of FinderPop.'
23 Apr 2012, 14:31
Re: FinderPop 2.4.2 beta
Cheers Ronald, will fix for, err, 2.4.3 :-)

@Bill, I don't have 10.7.4 beta but from my testing yesterday the ---f thing was working on 10.6. I'll have a look once I get back home tonight.
24 Apr 2012, 07:59
Re: FinderPop 2.4.2 beta
@Bill - I tried ---f last night on 10.7.3 and it worked fine.
Could it be that FP is not seeing what you clicked on at all?
I.e., control-click on a file in the Finder, and from the subsequent FinderPop menu, select a folder. Does FP offer you the choice to Move/Copy/Alias the file you clicked on into the folder you selected? If not (instead FinderPop just opens the folder you selected), it could be that your Services "Folder Actions" has become disabled in the move to 10.7.4 beta?

I'm not at my Mac right now, but I think Services are enabled/disabled in System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts.
Make sure 'Folder Actions Setup' is enabled, though - FinderPop uses that to figure out what's been clicked on.
24 Apr 2012, 17:35
Re: FinderPop 2.4.2 beta
Thanks, Turly. That was it. I either forgot or didn't know Folder Actions Setup was required. That probably explains another problem I was having too.
24 Apr 2012, 23:32
Re: FinderPop 2.4.2 beta
I wonder...

This is not the first time the issue arises. Isn't there a way to enable Folder Actions Setup automatically when FinderPop is installed, or used for the first time, or when the daemon is loaded?
25 Apr 2012, 03:16
Re: FinderPop 2.4.2 beta
Turly, I can confirm it fixes the "label issue" in 10.6.8 I discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=208#p963

Thank you! I can now run Finderpop again!
25 Apr 2012, 08:05
Re: FinderPop 2.4.2 beta
@Ronald - yeah, I've thought about seeing if FAS can be turned on via AppleScript maybe, but it didn't seem to be possible last time I looked.
@Cowicide - sorry it took so long to sort out...