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Who What
30 Sep 2011, 00:13
Bug with FinderPop 2.4

I' sent the same bug description to turly@finderpop.com because I couldn't connect to the forum. Now than I can I'm reporting the same bug here too:
I'm a user of FinderPop since long time. I find it quite useful.

However the last version has a bug that was, somehow, present also on the previous version but it got worse now.

Inside the FinderPop Item Folder I have an alias (Finder alias, not unix alias) to a folder containing around 400 alias to document or folders that can or can't be still present
on the local disk or some of the servers I sometime connect to.
The effect on version 2.3 was the the list of the aliases was usually incomplete (around one third of the total, sorted alphabetically) while on version 2.4 no alias at all is listed.
My mac is a MacBookPro early 2011 with last version on 10.6, 8GB, SATA III SSD (booting at 64-bit)

That's the only bug I've noticed at the moment.
Feel free to ask me anything you may need to help you fix the problem.

Best regards

Luca Severini
30 Sep 2011, 07:26
Re: Bug with FinderPop 2.4
Hey Luca - I'll have a look at the code for this over the weekend, obviously I'm doing something stupid.

See also: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=188&start=20#p880
08 Oct 2011, 15:28
Re: Bug with FinderPop 2.4
This should be fixed in 2.4.1... thanks!