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11 Aug 2010, 04:05
The Twirling working icon and all that

First, have been a FinderPop addict since OS 9. Couldn't do without it.

Second, and this may have been covered elsewhere, whenever I turn FP on all the app icons disappear, replaced by the Twirling Grey Working Icon. It is not a big thing, I know, but I would like to see the pretty eye candy app developers have spent untold hours, ne weeks creating. (Probably toasting Turrly with a pint of their own, lol). Am I missing something setting up FP?

Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

Rochester, NY, USA
11 Aug 2010, 13:37
Re: The Twirling working icon and all that
Hey LearnTek,

That's a bit weird. Presumably you're talking about the app icons in the dock? Or where?

What's your machine - PPC/Intel, OS version, FinderPop version?

11 Aug 2010, 14:09
Re: The Twirling working icon and all that
Duh - what a dummy am I

New MacBook Pro (new as of Hanukkah (12/09))
Latest OS update of Snow Leopard

The eye candy that appears in the Finder List of Applications. That is, when I highlight say Keynote, the info and icon that comes up next to the application name shows the Grinding Wheel of Working Forever (hate that, reminds me of my life - lol).

Hold Everything: I can attach a screen shot: :lol:

Thank you for all your time and effort on this truly wonderful app!!

Rochester, NY
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Re: The Twirling working icon and all that

Postby LearnTek » 11 Aug 2010, 14:16

BTW, I should add that this is not a new occurrence. Has been happening for at least the last two builds.

Again, thank you

11 Aug 2010, 15:22
Re: The Twirling working icon and all that
Hmm, that definitely shouldn't be happening. You might like to try using the latest beta of FinderPop if you're not already. Are you perchance running any other system enhancers with which FP may have problems?

I must confess to never using that particular Finder view so I certainly wouldn't have seen that problem before.

Unfortunately I'm back in Cork for the next 3 weeks and away from my Mac so the earliest I'd be able to fix this is early September.

Could it be that my code for control-free-popup is to blame? If you're using it, could you try turning it off and seeing if things are improved?
And what happens if you change the selection using the keyboard instead of the mouse? (Ie, you press the up/down arrows on the keyboard so the next or previous app is highlighted)?

Can any other readers with similar setups (Intel + Snow Leopard) chime in with their experiences?

Sorry about the relative lack of clue here...
11 Aug 2010, 22:58
Re: The Twirling working icon and all that
I rarely use column view and when I do I never have the preview column enabled.

To test this reported issue, I enabled preview column in column view. No problem here. The application icons appear normally as preview in the preview column, both with or without control-free popup enabled and both using mouse or arrow keys for selection

Intel Core 2 Duo iMac, MacOSX 10.6.4, FP 2.3.1 beta.
12 Aug 2010, 17:29
Re: The Twirling working icon and all that
Cheers Ronald, good to know that it's not necessarily a FinderPop problem... but I'll look at it anyway.
16 Aug 2010, 20:41
Re: The Twirling working icon and all that
This just became sooooo damned frustrating I ...
had another kernal panic and ram alert, went back to Apple store and they gave me a new, even better 'puter. LOL

Everything with FP is doing swimmingly (I am looking out for sharks now).

Thanks all!!