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02 Jun 2010, 15:29
Re: Still no " FinderPop Items"
turly wrote:So was there already a 'FinderPop Items' folder there?
It's probably too late, but what were its permissions?

WAY too late ... Scrouitchhhh !

For a future version of FP I will do a chown/chmod on the 'FinderPop Items' folder if it's not what it should be... though I think you could only arrive at a situation like that if the 'FinderPop Items' folder was created by another user?

one and only user ... me

what I did (after sometimes living without it) is install the "Leopard" version of FinderPop on a fresh "Snow Leopard" volume. (FinderPop never was on it, and it was fresh system install "from the ground up" , no migration assistant, completely new libraries)

And it worked , except for the FinderPop items, already...
31 May 2010, 10:41
Re: Still no " FinderPop Items"
ok thanks

I manually re-created the 'FinderPop Items' folder in my user/library, (the 'Elements FinderPop' alias was there too)

now it works, either in English or French
27 May 2010, 11:06
Still no " FinderPop Items"
10.6.3 Snow Leopard
FinderPop 2.3.0 in French or English

FinderPop Items is still not there


- if invoked with right click (the name shows up with blank icon but won't open the dossier)

- or in the Preference Panel, (Show "FinderPop Items" folder has no action)

something must be wrong...