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05 Sep 2010, 04:15
Re: FinderPop is inoperative in 10.6.4
Hi, Turly. Thanks for chasing me dwn by email - I've been occupied with other things the last couple of days. Uninstalling FP, logging out and back in again, and reinstalling FP from a new download has improved matters considerably. Now I get a FP menu when clicking or control-clicking in an unused portion of the menu bar and when control-clicking (but not just clicking, as I was always able to do in the past) on my hard drive's icon or on the desktop. So I'm 90% of the way to a full solution now. Any thoughts on why a plain click (no control key) isn't doing everything it did in Leopard?
31 Aug 2010, 16:04
Re: FinderPop is inoperative in 10.6.4
Here's the Terminal output:

Last login: Mon Aug 30 18:26:59 on console
[Eric-Webers-Computer-2:~] ericweber% defaults read com.finderpop.finderpop
addContentsMenu = 1;
addDiskMenu = 1;
addMarkColumn = 0;
controlFreePopup = 0;
controlFreePopupContentsMenu = 1;
controlFreePopupTicks = 125;
enableFinderPop = 1;
excludes = (
ID = "com.prosofteng.DriveGenius2";
inlineFinderPopMenu = 1;
inlineFinderPopMenuOnlyInFinder = 1;
installBuildVersion = 23000;
menuFontSize = 0;
mustControlClickForUnusedMenubar = 0;
numLastItemsChosen = 0;
otherAppsExtendContextual = 0;
patchFinderOnly = 0;
processMenu = 1;
recentItemsInSubmenu = 1;
showBundleDirs = 0;
showDotNames = 0;
showInvisibles = 0;
showLastItemChosen = 0;
showOnlyApplicableApps = 1;
sortOrder = 0;
unusedMenuBarActivatesFP = 1;
useLSDisplayName = 1;
useLabelInfo = 0;
useRealIcons = 1;
versionCheckTimeDelta = 0;
[Eric-Webers-Computer-2:~] ericweber%

The only thing I've added to my FinderPop Items is my hard drive. The FinderPop Items folder, which opens on demand from the FP prefpane window, looks just as I'd expect it to: empty but for that alias. Yes, my OS is US English. The menus I see when I control-click items in the Finder are identical to the ones I see with FinderPop turned off. There is no menu when I click or control-click a blank part of the menu bar, with or without FP turned on.

I have the following other user-installed prefpanes active on my MBP, just in case you recognize something here that conflicts with FP:

A Better Finder Rename
Fan Control
Flip4Mac WMV
Wacom Tablet

I suppose ABFR could well be the culprit, since it interacts with contextual menus. Do you know? I don't need it nearly as much as I need FP, but unfortunately, when I tried just now to uninstall it, I found that the instructions for doing so in its Help menu are defective and can't be followed. So I've emailed ABFR's developer for assistance, but until I hear back I won't be able to test the hypothesis that ABFR is tangling with FP.

FYI, I have the following Login Items in my everyday account (an admin account):

System Events
iStat menus Helper
CrossOver CD Helper
EEventManager (All Users)
30 Aug 2010, 14:37
Re: FinderPop is inoperative in 10.6.4
Hi, Turly, and thanks for the prompt reply.

I do see this three-line sequence, which appeared after I upgraded to the new FP version:

Aug 29 10:06:08 Eric-Webers-Computer-2 [0x0-0x2a02a].com.apple.systempreferences[310]: FinderPop-x86_64-23000 - added myself to Login Items
Aug 29 10:06:09 Eric-Webers-Computer-2 [0x0-0x2c02c].com.finderpop.fp-injector[319]: 10:06:09: INIT FinderPop-i386-23000 on 10.6.4 (built May 23 2010 21:20:48)
Aug 29 10:06:09 Eric-Webers-Computer-2 [0x0-0x2c02c].com.finderpop.fp-injector[319]: FinderPop-x86_64-23000: Patching 'Finder' 0:a00a (Immed-e)

After that, no "patching" lines except a few "not patching" entries for Rosetta apps (Eudora, Photoshop CS2, Adobe Updater).

Anything else I should look for or try?
29 Aug 2010, 17:45
FinderPop is inoperative in 10.6.4
After relying on FinderPop for years and years, I was dismayed when it wasn't Snow Leopard-compatible at the introduction of SL a year ago. For that reason alone, I didn't upgrade to SL. I couldn't do without FP.

I waited patiently for FP to be updated, then read about Turly's accident and went on waiting even more patiently, until yesterday I finally checked the site for the first time in months and learned that FP 2.3.0 was available and SL-ready. I eagerly downloaded and installed it, made sure it worked in Leopard 10.5.8 (it did), repaired permissions, ran fsck, ran the cron tasks, made a bootable clone of my hard drive, upgraded to Snow Leopard, ran Software Update three times to make sure all the Apple updates were installed, repaired permissions again, ran fsck again, and settled in to use my MacBook Pro (late-2008 15" unibody 2.4GHz). Much to my surprise and disappointment, FinderPop 2.3 does nothing at all now.

It appears in System Prefs as 2.3.0, is turned on, and leaves traces in the system.log such as this:

Aug 29 11:48:12 Eric-Webers-Computer-2 [0x0-0x2c02c].com.finderpop.fp-injector[319]: FinderPop-i386-23000: Not patching Rosetta app 'Adobe Updater' 0:00043043

Nevertheless, FP doesn't open a menu when I click and hold or click and release on any disk or folder. It doesn't produce a menu when I click on an unused part of the menu bar, though I have that option checked. Functionally, it's as if FinderPop isn't installed. All my FP preference settings were brought forward faithfully from the old version I was using in Leopard, but nothing at all that I used to depend on FP to do works any more. Any thoughts about why not, or tests I might run?