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01 Dec 2011, 17:03
Re: Unrecognized/Dead areas in blank areas of menu bar
I find that I cannot invoke FP by clicking on the menubar when Chrome or iTunes is the active app. Turning off the translucent menubar option did not help...
01 Dec 2011, 16:59
Invoke FP Via Hotkey?
I would love to be able to invoke FP via hotkey. Why?

i) on my 13-inch MacBook, in many apps I find my menubar too crowded, i.e., no free space on which to click to invoke FP. Hence, I have to first switch to the Finder to be able to invoke.
ii) First reason notwithstanding, methinks a hotkey would be quicker than mouse-clicking.

I suggest this enhancement having no idea what may be involved in adding this capability...