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24 Jan 2012, 06:00
Re: FinderPop Preferences Confusion?
turly wrote:Hey Nick - I'm not sure it matters but what's your FinderPop version and OS version?

:0 Ooops! dumb of me: FP 2.4.1, OS 10.6.8.

Quick summary - when you mount your drive, turn FP off and then on again. This forces FP to dump any cached menus it has built.
FinderPop has always had issues with unreachable aliases - if an alias cannot be resolved at the time FP makes its menus, but later becomes resolvable because a drive or network share has been mounted, FP will not notice and the menu item will remain as it was when FP first made the menu.
I've been meaning to sort this out, it's on the list of things to get around to...

I played with it some more. It seems to be a result of (or at least correlated with) my changing either volume's purpose.

Specifically, I have two, single-partition external drives that I use for automatic backups: One to make a scheduled SuperDuper! clone and one for my Time Machine backups. The two volumes I described in my question, above, are on a third, different physical drive. I use them (the volumes) *occasionally* to manually make "secondary" SD! and TM backups. The "unresolvabilty" occurs after I run those "occasional" backups. Once I re-assign the resulting unresolved alias to the correct volume, everything is OK again. Why FP defaults to my internal drive right after I run a "secondary" backup is indeed puzzling.

In the Finder, when you Get Info on both aliases inside your FP Items folder to both of your external drives what does it say? (When the drive is not mounted, that is.) It's odd that it should choose your boot drive if the alias cannot be resolved.

I think I just answered that (unless I misunderstand what you're asking).
21 Jan 2012, 23:38
FinderPop Preferences Confusion?
One of my external hard drives is partitioned into 2 partitions, each of which appears on my desktop, and each of which has an alias in the FinderPop Items folder.

Of late, the following occurs:

1. When the drive is *not* mounted, obviously neither volume appears on the desktop. However:

(a). When I select one of the volumes from either FinderPop or from the FinderPop Items folder, it opens my internal (boot) drive. When I Get Info that volume from the FinderPop Items folder, the path is empty (it indicates that the original is located at "/ [nothing specified]"). The icon that appears in both FinderPop and the FinderPop Items folder is the icon of my internal drive, not the one associated with the external volume.

(b). The icon associated with the other volume is fine, and — even though the volume is not mounted — the path displayed via Get Info is correct ("/Volumes/[name of volume]"). And when I select the volume, not surprisingly FinderPop indicates that the original can't be found (offers the option to "Fix Alias...").

2. When the drive *is* mounted, both volumes appear on the desktop. However:

(a) The behavior described in 1 (a) is the same.

(b) The behavior described in 1 (b) is the same, except that the volume opens as it should.