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07 May 2014, 12:05
Alphabetically, yes but...
Hi again!
With other utilities (such as MaxMenus), I've organized folders with aliases setting their order by adding one or more spaces before their names.
FP doesn't take in account spaces, so my organization is all mixed-up. ;)
If you don't use spaces headers for some matter, it would be nice if names with 2 spaces appeared before names with one space, and both before names without space headers. Do you see what I mean? (I'm French, I hope I've found the right words… :oops: )
07 May 2014, 11:45
Re: Some .extensions misinterpreted
Phew! I've finally resolved the issue by dragging the prefpane to the prefpane folder manually instead of double-clicking on it! (probably a permission issue of some kind… :? )
Well, 2.5.5 works as expected, thanks a lot! :D
07 May 2014, 11:13
Re: Some .extensions misinterpreted
Sorry for not answering, I'm just seeing your answers today — had no notification, despite checking "Notify me when a reply is posted"... :?
Bad news on my side: after trying 2.5.5, FP just stopped working at all! (I've followed the instructions — prefs quit, restart)
I've repaired permissions then tried all former betas, trashed FP's prefs and in the end not even 2.5.1 (that was previously working) doesn't work anymore! :roll:
I'm on OS 10.8.5.
Anyway your guess was right about Foo.rtfd, that's what I meant. ;)
16 Apr 2014, 16:51
Re: Some .extensions misinterpreted
Yes, they are bundles: .scriv are Scrivener documents and, guess what... .bean are Bean documents. :D
Actually .bean is identical to .rtfd format, just the name changes for the sake of being opened by Bean.
I don't know how FP detects file types but I suppose it's quite safe to consider a folder with "dot something" as a bundle, so it covers any other app case.
15 Apr 2014, 15:07
Some .extensions misinterpreted
Hi Turly!
My first contact with you since the old days of OS9! ;) (if I recall well, I suggested you to use labels, then, like in PopupFolder, and I was ecstatic when you implemented it in the following release :D )

I think I've found a bug when putting files or aliases referring to files with certain extensions into FP's elements, be it .rtfd or .scriv or .bean (and probably some other exotic ones): they appear as folders. (test done in OS 10.8.3 with FP 2.5.1)
Thanks for keeping FP alive! :D