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25 Aug 2014, 07:16
Re: Support: Can't get FP to work on 10.9.4
IT WORKED!!! Yeah! I opened it with the built-in unzip utility, re-installed FinderPop, and then relaunched Finder. (it didn't work without relaunching Finder). It's the first time I ever got this working. Thank you! I'll keep you posted if there's any weirdness later.
23 Aug 2014, 23:28
Re: Support: Can't get FP to work on 10.9.4
Are you by any chance running a third-party unzip program to unzip FinderPop? These often screw up permissions...

Yes! I use an older version of BetterZip. I have repaired disk permissions several times now, but with no luck. I assumed that if there were messed up permissions it would catch them? Should I try installing after using the built-in unzip utility? You're right, it's as if the FinderPop daemon is not running at all.
23 Aug 2014, 15:21
Re: Support: Can't get FP to work on 10.9.4
If I right-click on anything inside any Finder window, including one that is in its standard location (Applications), I only get the normal contextual menu, no FinderPop additions.
23 Aug 2014, 14:25
Re: Support: Can't get FP to work on 10.9.4
On the SSD: my home folder (just the library), all my apps, all the system files
On the HDD: the following folders - desktop, documents, downloads, movies, music, pictures, virtual machines

So FinderPop is installed on the SSD. But yes, it seems that the HDD doesn't mount quickly enough, so Finder doesn't see the icons on my desktop until I relaunch it. I've turned on FileVault for both the SSD and the HDD. I don't think FileVault should pose a big problem, though.
23 Aug 2014, 01:01
Re: Support: Can't get FP to work on 10.9.4
I tried doing the safe login, opened up Sys Prefs, turned on FP, closed Sys Pref. No changes. When I right-click on the topmost left corner, I only get the standard Apple dropdown menu.

I found a couple things that might help.
- in the, I keep seeing this:
8/23/14 7:54:11.117 AM[167]: (com.finderpop.fp-injector.73776[628]) Job failed to exec(3) for weird reason: 13
(there is also a bunch of Finder crash logs, but they don't seem too informative)

- I am running an OWC Data Doubler. My main bootup is on an SSD, my data is all on the HDD. Upon rebooting, I often have to relaunch Finder because it launches before it detects my HDD. What it looks like is when I restart and then login to my account, my desktop is completely empty except for the SSD icon. I manually relaunch Finder, and then my Desktop icons all return.
22 Aug 2014, 14:26
Re: Support: Can't get FP to work on 10.9.4
So, to recap:
1. Clicking in the menubar at the very top left corner of the screen (0, 0) doesn't pop up FinderPop in ANY app.
2. No FP contextual menu additions in the Finder.
3. No dodgy third-party software (other than FinderPop, that is

That is correct.

OK, have you tried starting afresh?
Uninstall FinderPop (Etc. panel -> Uninstall FinderPop button, follow the slightly abstruse instructions.)
Restart with FP uninstalled.
Install a fresh copy of FP For All Users.

Any better?

Unfortunately, no change, except that my Finder keeps crashing until I manually relaunch it. Would any logs from Console help? Or crash logs (user diagnostic reports)? (I just tried to upload a .txt and a .rtf file, but this board won't let me. Tell me if you want me to cut and paste it into the message field here.)

21 Aug 2014, 17:04
Re: Support: Can't get FP to work on 10.9.4
I was using Xtrafinder, but then it started to crash Finder repeatedly, so I recently uninstalled it. Oddly, even when I was running Xtrafinder, I never saw the FinderPop contextual menu.
21 Aug 2014, 16:30
Re: Support: Can't get FP to work on 10.9.4
No, relaunching the Finder does not change anything. Only still have the regular contextual menu, no FinderPop.
21 Aug 2014, 14:12
Re: Support: Can't get FP to work on 10.9.4
1. Do mean nothing at all, not even the usual contextual menu in the Finder, or do you mean no additional items in that menu?

I get only the usual contextual menu in the Finder. (sorry, my original post made it seem like nothing happened when I right-clicked. I meant that there was no FinderPop anywhere in the contextual menu)

2. If the contextual menu is working, but no additional FinderPop features:
- Have you checked settings in FinderPop prefs pane in System Preferences?

It looks like this:
screenshot_293.png (143.07 KiB) Viewed 3808 times

- Did you make sure that Folder Actions Setup is enabled in System Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services > Files & Folders?

I've selected it here:
screenshot_294.png (124.7 KiB) Viewed 3808 times
21 Aug 2014, 01:30
Support: Can't get FP to work on 10.9.4
Hi! I'm new to FinderPop, so please bear with me. I have FP 2.5.6 installed for all users on my MBP, running 10.9.4. I'm also running Filevault. My Login Items menu has "finderpop-daemon" listed in it. But I don't get anything when I right-click anywhere - Finder, menubar, applications, desktop, etc. It's as if it's not running at all. I did have Xtrafinder running, but recently it's been crashing my Finder, so I just uninstalled it. Fixed the crashing problem, but still no FP. I've rebooted, fixed disk permissions, cleared caches. No luck. Can someone help me troubleshoot this?