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24 Aug 2016, 02:36
To all concerned. I'm posting this info 2 let everyone know that I believe that I've figured out how 2 add the extraz folder & filez 2 the (FP) itemz folder. I still would like 2 know wut is the official correct way 2 do it, so I can know 4 myself the correct way itz done. Thx er body, peace.
23 Aug 2016, 03:37
Basically wut lead me 2 now was the same basic need & desire that all of us had or have, which is or waz: (HOW DO I ADD "MOVE TO" & COPY TO" 2 my contextual menu? That question ultimately lead me 2 (FinderPop), which lead me 2 salamac'z post, that didn't work 4 me but in turn lead me 2 the (README-TXT) that came with the (FP259-BETA) version, which in turn lead me 2 the (README-TXT) of version (FP254) which ultimately lead me 2 this (TERMINAL-SCRIPT) that worked like a charm the very 1st time I used it & believe that it will work 4 anyone else who usez it as well. (sudo mv /Library/ScriptingAdditions/FinderPopOsax.osax /System/Library/ScriptingAdditions). Quick request, 2 anybody that decidez 2 use this script & it workz 4 u, could u & would u plz b so kind as 2 holla back & let that bit of info b known, so that other memberz of (FinderPop) nation can benefit likewise yeah? Kool. Bcuz after all, when u really git down 2 it, aint payin it 4ward wut we r really here 4 & suppose ta do anyway? Just sayin yamean!...(LOL). Here'z hopin 4 anyone & er one who uses this (TERMINAL-SCRIPT) peace. :D
23 Aug 2016, 01:45
Question wizards. Im still quite new 2 the world of (FinderPop), & still a lot I don't quite have the hang of yet, but I know with the help of (FinderPop) nation soon I'll b a wizard as well, & will not stop until I am just that, bet on it!!!!...(LOL). My question is just how do u add a extraz file or the entire folder 2 the (FP) item menu or folder? Thx er body, Peace. :D
12 Aug 2016, 23:57
Thx so very much turly 4 the info & 4 the quick reply. I don't think I would have thought 2 do that. Maybe in time I might have, but thx 2 wizardz like u I don't have 2 worry. Thx again turly, til the next time peace yo :D.
12 Aug 2016, 16:48
Wut up (FP) NATION!... :D. I ran into a prob that Im sure 1 of u wizards can easily rectify 4 me. Yesterday while executing (SALAMACS) formula 4 installing (FP) 2.5.9-BETA, I got 2 the part where it askz 4 a password & I 4 my life could not figure out how 2 add it. I tried a few keyz that I thought would do the trick, then decided 2 stop b4 I hit the wrong key & cause so real damage. So if someone could plz render aid, I'd b most appreciative, peace 2 all.