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12 Aug 2016, 16:48
Wut up (FP) NATION!... :D. I ran into a prob that Im sure 1 of u wizards can easily rectify 4 me. Yesterday while executing (SALAMACS) formula 4 installing (FP) 2.5.9-BETA, I got 2 the part where it askz 4 a password & I 4 my life could not figure out how 2 add it. I tried a few keyz that I thought would do the trick, then decided 2 stop b4 I hit the wrong key & cause so real damage. So if someone could plz render aid, I'd b most appreciative, peace 2 all.
12 Aug 2016, 20:00
If you're typing the password into Terminal then nothing will be displayed. Just type the password and press RETURN. It'll complain if the password was wrong...
12 Aug 2016, 23:57
Thx so very much turly 4 the info & 4 the quick reply. I don't think I would have thought 2 do that. Maybe in time I might have, but thx 2 wizardz like u I don't have 2 worry. Thx again turly, til the next time peace yo :D.