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07 Apr 2009, 16:56
Installation problem on inspiron 9200 with Tiger 10.4.6
Hi everybody
I got a strange problem trying installing FinderPop on Dell Inspiron 9200 where I have adapted Tiger 10.4.6 installed. (On my Mac I don't have any problem)
When I am trying to install FinderPop ALL aplications including system preferences and except Finder permanenlty fail. System preferences appears and fails in a second, other application even cannot be executed.
This happens unless I am removing preferences of FinderPop from system preferences, namely uninstall it.
Any ideas? I love FinderPop too much to be without it.
14 Apr 2009, 13:57
Re: Installation problem on inspiron 9200 with Tiger 10.4.6

You're using the latest FP (2.2?) FP "injects" some code into apps as they are launched, which means that the injected code which does the FP stuff is crashing. Any chance you could send me one of the Crash Log files of whatever it is crashes?

You can disable FP by holding down the SHIFT key at startup/login, or by holding down SHIFT while opening System Preferences, then opening the FinderPop prefPane, and disabling FP from within there.

The 9200 is a Pentium-M/Centrino-based system, it could be that the intel code used in FP contains instructions that are not available on that chip? Just a wild guess, without seeing the Crash log file, I'm clutching at straws...

Note: I don't officially support FP on non-Mac systems, but try me anyway :-)