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24 Jan 2010, 21:10
FP & Path Finder
FinderPop is working perfect for me. The only exception is Path Finder. When FP is turned on Path Finders Contextual Menues are a mess.
OS is 10.6.2 - FP 2.2.4b6.
24 Jan 2010, 21:51
Re: FP & Path Finder
Well, that shouldn't surprise you. FinderPop is intended to work with the Finder and clearly not with Path Finder, which is a Finder replacement and which does not use the Finder's contextual menus. In "Active" tab in FinderPop prefs panel you can turn off "Enhance other apps' Contextual Menus too" if you still want FinderPop to work in the menu bar with Path Finder, or you can choose to add Path Finder to the list of applications that will not be patched by FinderPop at all.
24 Jan 2010, 22:27
Re: FP & Path Finder
It did surprise me.
I thought there are quite a few apps that have the option: Use PathFinder instead of Finder (A-Dock, Butler, Default Folder) - so why not FP as well! But these apps do not patch anything in Finder/Path Finder, as I understand it ... I have no idea about programming - would just have liked it.

I had turned it off already.
25 Jan 2010, 00:05
Re: FP & Path Finder
Yeah, I once spoke to one of the PF developers to see about giving FinderPop access to the file or folder which has been control-clicked. I provided some absolutely horrible sample code for him to call to do this and never heard from him again - I think the code frightened him off (it certainly scared me when I looked at it again later :-)

Normally I'd just fire up gdb and figure this stuff out for myself, but the PathFinder lads aren't having any of that - if PathFinder sees that it is running under the gdb debugger, it will quit. I made a half-hearted attempt to build a special gdb but in the end I just shrugged my shoulders and stopped worrying about PathFinder.
Shame really, if they just exported a "NSArray *objectsForContextualClick" symbol I could probably take it from there...