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14 Dec 2009, 15:28
Moving Multiple Items
I have found that when multiple items are selected and moved via FinderPop all but the first item in alphabetical order are moved. Leaving the first item in the original location. For instance, if I select 3 files named Alpha, Beta and Cappa, Beta and Cappa will move to the desired location and Alpha will remain stationary. This seems like a bug or maybe I am missing something. :)

14 Dec 2009, 18:44
Re: Moving Multiple Items
Sounds like a bug to me! I'll have a look later.
Any chance of a hint as to what OS / FinderPop versions you're using?
14 Dec 2009, 19:16
Re: Moving Multiple Items
Snow Leopard
14 Dec 2009, 21:07
Re: Moving Multiple Items
Cheers, definitely sounds like I screwed up somewhere. Will have a look tomorrow. Moving/Copying/Aliasing one file works OK, but not 3. What about 2 files (Alpha and Beta)?

Sorry for the 20 questions, am up walls at work and won't have time to switch on my Mac until tomorrow at the earliest.
18 Dec 2009, 12:36
Re: Moving Multiple Items
Doesn’t work with 2 files ;)
18 Dec 2009, 15:59
Re: Moving Multiple Items
Thanks. Obviously I'm doing something boneheaded.
Will fix it over the weekend...