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29 Sep 2009, 00:17
Permissions error 256
When I install newer FP and open the preference, it says:
FinderPop was unable to set the permissions (error 256).
And FP doesn't work. After I replace the new one with the old one, it works fine again. Which files/folders does FP have the permission problems with?
29 Sep 2009, 11:51
Re: Permissions error 256
Which "newer FP" version did you install in which MacOSX version on what kind of Mac (PPC or Intel), and which FP version is the "old one" that works?
01 Oct 2009, 12:55
Re: Permissions error 256
Thanks RonaldPR, I missed this one for some reason. tmatsu, can you tell us what OS you're running on (PPC or Intel)?
04 Oct 2009, 20:40
Additional information
Thanks for your inquiry. 2.2's menubar function works fine with 32-bit apps on 10.6 or 10.6.1. All the 10.6 compatible beta versions don't work and the FP pref says "FinderPop was unable to set the permissions (error 256)." Repairing disk permissions doesn't work. When 2.2 is re-installed, the password is asked once and it works again. I hate to re-install the system, so I need to know which files/folders are crucial for the beta versions to work.
04 Oct 2009, 22:23
Re: Permissions error 256
Odd, 256 isn't one of my error codes and isn't an <errno.h> code either.

Edit: I've just read up on the wait system call and see that it shifts the return status up by 8 bits meaning that the error code is 1, which is EPERM, which is indeed a permissions error.

What does Console say when you try to open FinderPop in System Preferences?

Now FinderPop relies on an osax which it tries to put into ~/Library/ScriptingAdditions/FinderPopOsax.osax. FinderPop will try to create the ~/Library/ScriptingAdditions folder if it's not already there, and then copy the FInderPopOsax.osax in there.

Do you have FileVault enabled by any chance? Is there something funky about your ~/Library/ScriptingAdditions folder?