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02 Nov 2015, 19:41
Finderpop 2.5.7 not working in Safari
I recently installed Finderpop on my Elcapitan-running MBPr and I absolutely love it. However, it does not work in Safari. Clicking on the left upper corner and free menu bar space do not bring up finder pop.
How do I resolve this?
02 Nov 2015, 20:23
Re: Finderpop 2.5.7 not working in Safari
If you've only recently come to FinderPop and have only used it on El Capitan, you've missed the best bits I think :-)

El Capitan has System Integrity Protection enabled which prevents FinderPop from patching certain Apple apps like the Finder or Safari.
Unfortunately there does not seem to be a way around this.

FP will continue to patch non-Apple apps (and even certain Apple ones that Apple haven't walled off yet) and you'll get the click-in-unused-menubar stuff there... but you won't see FP's Finder contextual menu enhancements nor click-in-unused-menubar in Apple apps.
03 Nov 2015, 08:35
Re: Finderpop 2.5.7 not working in Safari
This is an app with great potential even in elcapitan. Just wish it could work with Safari and other apple apps.
Unfortunately, I had to uninstall it and install "CustomMenu". Life is too short!
03 Nov 2015, 15:37
Re: Finderpop 2.5.7 not working in Safari
FinderPop is not potentially great, it IS great. I used FP for many years, already in MacOS9 and again after it had been released for MacOSX.

However, with SIP in El Capitan, its core features, that depend on patching the Finder, are now blocked.

For only menu navigation (plus optional file info and 'Open with'), CustomMenu seems indeed a good replacement. A customizable menu, somewhat similar to the FP menu, that can be accessed from the menubar. With a hotkey combo the menu can also be invoked at the cursor location, anywhere on the screen in any application.