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Who What
14 Nov 2013, 23:15
FinderPop quit working for me

I run a Retina 13" Mountain Lion (latest) and have used FinderPop for years. Now it has quit working the way it has for years.

The only "sin" I can think of is that I (stupidly?) said "yes" to the latest update to Safari. That later took an hour on the phone with Apple to make work!

Could there be a connection between updating to the latest Safari and my FinderPop no longer working the way it has?


15 Nov 2013, 12:18
Re: FinderPop quit working for me
I'm not sure what changed in Safari but I really doubt it could have killed off FinderPop.
Has FinderPop stopped working completely? Is it only in the Finder or does clicking in an unused bit of the menubar also not work where it used to previously? When you open the System Preferences pane and turn it off and back on again, is there any improvement?