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08 Aug 2009, 18:35
FinderPop 2.2.1-BETA available
FinderPop 2.2.1-BETA 1 "Beware of the Bus!" is now available at:

Sorry for the delay, but I really mean it when I say Beware of the Bus! :!:
Only a few minor tweaks in this release:

    * A small number of minor tweaks and fixes. Better compatibility with 10.5.7 and 10.5.8 Finders.

    * Fixed bug where you couldn't combine "inline-this-folder" with "only-in-menubar". (See this forum post.)

    * Added some new FinderPop item naming tweaks - same as already existing ones but more concise. Items ending in '-!!t' appear in the FinderPop menu only if there is a text selection (just like the deprecated 'text-!!!', but shorter.) Similarly '-!!f' will cause the item to appear only if you've control-clicked a Finder selection (deprecating 'fsel-!!!'. Likewise '-!!m', which causes an item to appear only if you've clicked in a blank bit of menubar, deprecates the more verbose 'mbar-!!!'.

    * Note that the FinderPop '-!!_' item modifiers are cumulative. For example, a folder named 'InlinedInMbar-!!i-!!m' inside your FinderPop Items folder will have its contents inlined into the FinderPop menu only if you control-clicked in the menubar. Any other method of invoking FinderPop will result in the folder's contents being skipped. Likewise, a folder named 'InlinedWithFinderSel-!!f-!!i' will have its contents inlined into the FinderPop menu only if there was a Finder selection parameter to the _ContextualMenuSelect system call.

    * As suggested by that bug, an item whose name ends in '-!!N' will appear in FinderPop menus only when you control-click a blank portion of a Finder window or the Desktop, ie, there being no Finder selection. (The 'N' standing for "No Selection" -- and note that it must be a Capital 'N'.)

Problems? Bug reports? Let me know here on the forums!

Meanwhile, hope you're all having a good summer! I'll hopefully be going back to Ireland for the last couple of weeks of August. No doubt it will be wet... as we say, Irish people don't tan, they rust...
16 Oct 2009, 12:56
Re: FinderPop 2.2.1-BETA available
hey Turly,

great to hear you are recovering. Just wondered what became of FinderPop... Took a look at the new forum site and here we are. And I really wish that after a while things will not stop to get better although this kind of accident certainly will leave some marks on you.

Please tell me if there should be any need of updating my German localization. I am ready when you are...

I read all those comments by users who are waiting for a Snow Leopard version of FP. I do not have an Intel Mac, so I will stay with Tiger for the time being. But I can understand these folks. Once you got used to it, you will find it hard to do without it. There are a couple of indispensable apps on my Mac, but I guess the one I most frequently use is FP, too. Apple just should pay you a really nice sum (to at least make up for the money you lost by selling your shares) and make it a part of the OS...
FP is amazingly unknown among my colleagues a fair amount of which are Mac users, I found out. Keep recommending it to them but do not know who actually installed it. They don't know what they miss...

all best to you
25 Oct 2009, 19:26
Re: FinderPop 2.2.1-BETA available
Cheers Hajo - many thanks.

I went to the doctor for my last medical appointment on Thursday. Yaaay!

Unfortunately after looking at CAT scans and X-rays they've decided that my shoulder needs an operation because it's not healing properly. And because so much time has elapsed since the accident (nearly 6 months) they're going to have to break and re-set the bones with a metal plate, and they also need to insert some live bone in the mix. This live bone is going to come from my hip. So on Wednesday next (28th) I'm being operated on - hip and shoulder. One of the lads I work with had a similar operation when he was younger and he says that the hip hurts more than the shoulder. So that's nice. Or maybe not :)

Anyway, I've also been up the walls with real work and haven't even booted up my Mac once. Next week, after the op, honest..!
25 Oct 2009, 21:51
Re: FinderPop 2.2.1-BETA available
Hi turly

My very best wishes for your re-operation and a quick, full recovery.
26 Oct 2009, 16:35
Re: FinderPop 2.2.1-BETA available
Hey Turly,

There'll be at least two of us here in NorCal thinking of you come Wednesday ;)

Happy trails ✌

13 Nov 2009, 21:28
FinderPop development
As one who has walked (or ridden a bicycle) into the path of oncoming vehicles 3 times in my life, from childhood into adulthood, I commiserate with you, sir. Get well soon.