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02 Feb 2013, 21:13
«Add "Contents" submenu if control-clicking a folder»
Hi, Turly

I've invited you to some pints —or «canyes», or «gerres»— over the years, and very gladly so, since FinderPop has been an integral part to every Mac I've owned since FP's first incarnation. But, you know, with age (mine, I mean), I've found myself downsizing, or streamlining (or whatever one may call it) my interaction with my Mac to the point that I'm using just ONE of FP's functions, although an irreplaceable one at that: namely, the «Add "Contents" submenu if control-clicking a folder».

«Well», I thought, «if I only use this function I surely will find a little program that does just that without the potential overhead of the rest of FP's functions». But, try as I might, it's been impossible for me to find such an app!

So, after a couple of months, I've given up the search. And in the meantime I've gathered enough courage to ask you this: I don't know to what degree this function is intertwined with the rest of FP's code, how easy or difficut it is to isolate it, but is there any possibility that you can deliver just this single function as an independent little app?

And that's all! As always, thanks in advance for your attention.
03 Feb 2013, 21:12
Re: «Add "Contents" submenu if control-clicking a folder»
Alas this is pretty comprehensively intertwined with the rest of the FP functionality.
Don't forget you can turn off FP in all other apps by turning off the 'FinderPop active in other apps' checkbox in the 'Active' panel of the prefPane.
And if you don't use the click-in-unused-menubar stuff, that can be turned off too...
04 Feb 2013, 12:09
Re: «Add "Contents" submenu if control-clicking a folder»
Thanks for your prompt reply, Turly. Not the one I hoped for, though... The thing is that, some time ago, I turned *everything* off except «Add "Contents" submenu if control-clicking a folder». Risking to try your patience, how about the possibility of turning off the presence of the "FinderPop Items" folder in the contextual menu (specially if that folder is empty)? That would do it for me.

Again, let me apologize for my embarrassing underuse of FP.
04 Feb 2013, 13:27
Re: «Add "Contents" submenu if control-clicking a folder»
I'm not @ my Mac right now, but from the manual:

FinderPop normally includes the 'FinderPop Items' menu item even if the folder itself is empty. This is so you can control-click items in the Finder and move or alias them into the FinderPop Items folder. If you want to completely ignore an empty 'FinderPop Items' folder so that the menu item does not appear, use:
defaults write com.finderpop.finderpop ignoreEmptyFPMenu true

If doing that defaults write doesn't fix matters, you should ensure that 'Inline FP Items into main contextual menu' is also enabled.
04 Feb 2013, 14:01
Re: «Add "Contents" submenu if control-clicking a folder»
Yes! It has worked, and I've only needed «defaults write com.finderpop.finderpop ignoreEmptyFPMenu true»: I didn't have to touch the «Inline FP items...», which remains off.

Having had a Mac around for too long (since 1984-one of the first 128K Macs @ 220V assembled in your contry) I had forgotten to RTFM (RTFHelp in this case)!

I owe you another...