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20 Oct 2012, 16:44
Changed logging in Mountain Lion
This is a Mountain Lion issue rather than a FinderPop issue, but I do not know where to ask this and because it also affects FinderPop, I try here.

Since upgrading to Mountain Lion I notice that many messages that applications used write to a log file and that could be read in Console, are nowhere to be found in Mountain Lion.

The only messages related to FinderPop are of the type:
20-10-12 16:01:43,398 TextEdit[3370]: FinderPop: current app appears to be SandBoxed

The messages that used to be recorded when applications are patched by FinderPop at launch (Patching 'Finder') are missing.

Searching the web, I find only few scattered posts about this (or a similar) issue, sometimes called a change in Mountain Lion and sometimes called a bug in Mountain Lion.

Anyone know what is going on?