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19 Jul 2011, 08:27
Clicking in menu bar not working
Hi Turly,

Clicking in unused menu bar in the finder and most applications no longer works for me with the last four beta versions.
The last version that works is 2.3.1.
In FinderPop preferences,clicking in unused portion of menu bar is checked.
The translucent menu bar box in desktop preferences is not checked.
This is on both a Macbook Pro and Mac Mini running OS X 10.6.8.
Any ideas what the problem might be?


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19 Jul 2011, 08:35
Re: Clicking in menu bar not working
Hey Ralph,

I did change the way FP checks for "blank" menubar a while back to get it working in Lion. In 2.3.2 to be precise. It was a fairly wholesale change IIRC, the old screenshot code I've used since 10.2 has been deprecated for a while and just doesn't work on 10.7.

So, to double-check - does clicking in (0, 0) - the upper left corner of the screen - reliably pop up a FP menu?
If so, the problem is with my blank menubar detection code.
What video mode are you running (resolution, bits-per-pixel etc)?

I might send you a debug build if that's OK with you? It won't be til tonight at the earliest though...

19 Jul 2011, 21:09
Re: Clicking in menu bar not working
Should be fixed in beta - let me know if not!