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19 Apr 2009, 21:29
New Beta?
The announcement in the appropriate group is off-topic, Turly, regardless - FP is one of my favorite utilities and I'm wondering when you'll release your next beta and what features/bug fixes it will have.

From a user who bought you a Pint.

21 Apr 2009, 14:59
Re: New Beta?
Hey Mark,

I've been kind of busy with "real" work unfortunately. Or given the economic circumstances, make that "fortunately".

I plan on releasing a new beta this coming weekend, but the changes will be very minor indeed - adding a Swedish localisation by Michael Berglund, and fixing up the email address displayed in the preference pane, and perhaps one or two tweaks. Low-hanging fruit stuff.

Next on the list is looking at the (relatively minor) bugs reported so far, followed by an investigation of what I need to do to be Snow Leopard compatible. As I can't justify the wonga to be an Apple Certified Developer, upgrading FP to SnowLeopard may well have to wait until after SL is released. Of course if it's just a 64-bit recompile (hah!) then I may have something ready in time for the official SL release.