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08 Jul 2016, 23:00
FP is working under macOS Sierra 10.12 with SIP
I think we have great news for the near future of FinderPop!

Today I downloaded Sierra beta and it was clean-installed on an extra partition dedicated to testing that latest Mac OS. After installing a few software, I decided to take the dive and try our indispensable FP. The only hick-up encountered is that it was not possible to install for all users (may be a glitch, but I did not investigate further). Installing for the current user worked fine. I then applied the trick created by Salamac and corrected by Blaubeere for El Capitan:

1) Install FinderPop 2.5.9 beta.
2) Disable SIP (reboot in discovery mode pressing cmd-r while restarting, in Terminal type command "csrutil disable", restart normal)
3) Open /Library/ScriptingAdditions folder
4) Move the FinderPopOsax.osax file in there to the /System/Library/ScriptingAdditions directory (creating the ScriptingAdditions directory first if it doesn't exist). Don't leave the file where it was, move it, don't just copy it. You will probably be prompted for an adminstrator password.
5) Open Terminal, and type command:
sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/ScriptingAdditions/FinderPopOsax.osax
6) You'll need to enter your admin password when prompted in the Terminal window
7) Enable SIP (reboot in discovery mode again, in Terminal type command "csrutil enable", restart normal)

And it is working fine, so far :D. Unless Apple changes something from now until the final release, we may be safe for another round.

All thanks go to Salamc, Blaubeere, and above all Turly for creating and keeping that little jewel alive for all of us!!!! :D

Update (09/14/2016): still working fine under the Golden Master, although the update to the GM moved the FinderPopOsax.osax back to the Library. I uninstalled and reinstalled FP (for all users worked this time) and we are back in business :)
21 Jan 2016, 06:59
Re: FinderPop 2.5.9-BETA
Derek, did you look at the trick described in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=350
It worked for me here under 10.11.3 with SIP enabled.
21 Jan 2016, 01:10
Re: Yes, FP works in El Capitan with SIP!
I took the dive and upgraded to 10.11.3 today. FinderPop is still working fine with the Salamac trick applied last week. FinderPopOsax.osax was left untouched in the System/Library/ScriptingAdditions folder. :D
14 Jan 2016, 05:36
Re: FinderPop 2.5.9-BETA
cortig wrote:I'm not sure Default Folder X had to face the same challenges, especially regarding the Finder integration.
From what I've read, it was a significant work nonetheless, rewriting large chunks of the original code.


Default Folder 5.0 has basically the same function as v4 but it is now an application, not a System Preference as it used to be. It resides in the Application folder, not the PreferencePanes folder. You can choose to have it starts when you log in and you can show it in the Menu Bar. Aside from that I haven't noticed a difference in behavior yet.

I am not sure FinderPop could work as an application because it directly interacts with the Finder on a constant basis.
11 Jan 2016, 17:47
Re: Yes, FP works in El Capitan with SIP!
I tried Salamac trick, with Blaubeere correction and it's working fine with FP 2.5.9 beta under OS X 10.11.0. FinderPopOsax.osax remains in the System/Scripting Additions folder after reboot with SIP enabled and is not trashed by the system as it happened to Turly (but you were under the beta version of 10.11). Thank you so much for that guys!

Now will I take a chance to upgrade the system to the latest version (10.11.2)? Has anybody using Salamac trick upgraded already?

PS: Salamac wrote: "The only minor glitch I encountered so far: You will first have to highlight a file with a standard click before you can finderpop it with control click or right mouse button. Direct control click brings just the contextual menu of the desktop.". That was also the case with SIP disabled and "FinderPopOsax.osax" in the original Library/Scripting Additions folder.