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19 Nov 2011, 08:23
Color folder name and keep it that way
Basics: FinderPop 2.4 - iMac under 10.6.8 & 10.7.3
When I open FinderPop via system config I see some folders that I've individual colored.
When I open FinderPop from the pull down option (menu bar) the very same folders appear in black&white only.
QUERY: Can I have equally colored folder names set & kept whereever FinderPop is stored.
In consequence: A folder name once color-marked should keep that color forever unless I change it by myself? Thanks.

10 Sep 2011, 18:17
Re: FinderPop BETA
Hi turly,

Any forcast when the final FP supporting OS Lion will appear on the horizon? Can't live without it.
Since OS Lion itself (still) comes up with some weak spots, my fav tools like FP should be a reliable friend.