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22 Sep 2011, 16:46
Re: FinderPop 2.4
I just loaded Drive Genius and was presented with an alert that stated I have to turn off finderPop 2.4 due to a compatibility issue.
Apparently the do not play well together. I dumped it but have now come back to redownload FinderPop 2.4 but would like to know where the "items" folder went that had the alias's in it because now my trash will not empty it because I have some lock files but I cannot find them now.

Any enlightenment on this matter? Thank you for any feedback.

30 Aug 2011, 22:23
The Lion Version 2.3
I have not tried the beta version yet but the latest Lion Killer I had to remove as my wife acquired a Blackberry Tour (please so remarks) and the current FinderPop pref pane was preventing the installer from working. Installer crashed after I was required to enter my country or region. So, I removed it and loaded the Blackberry Desktop software and will now see if the current beta of FinderPOP will work along side the software.

If not I would rather have FinderPop instead of THe Blackberry software but that will be my battle to fight. Any feedback? I am running Lion 10.1.7 on an Intel iMac.