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05 Feb 2010, 21:19
Request: "Create New" and potential to scrub items?
I am surprised FP does not come up on the radar more often, but the contextual item mess and services has shed light on many alternative "plugins" now. Thanks for the awesome work.

Using now for a few months and watching some of the suggestions here, I would posit a venture that having or integrating some type of light API or plugin mechanism might work to your advantage? I do see the Folder but with what I've seen you and others doing with mach_inject and it being the only way in, it might offer some method to bring back sorting and menus?

I know Shortcuts by ABRA is the only way in town to do this now.

I'd second the "New" file method. In fact, there is some CMItem code for 10.5 on google code that could be easily integrated. Even with the UTI mess, if you had a simple "Create new file here", offering a modal popup that would have some pre-defined entries (the CMItem plugin) and use a "touch" command, saving the mess with this:

Any chance you might also be able to "scrub" items? I use a SIMBL plugin for Safari from:

Really helps clean some of the bloat up.