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20 Feb 2011, 08:13
Re: (Null) process being created by FP possibly..
Hi. I do not believe that I have ever run Classic on this G4 PB, do not have the Classic pref file in my System pref folder, searched for "Classic" on the machine using Easy Finder with nil results so, I think I can safely say that Classic is not the problem.

Now, Microsoft office 2004 may be using some Classic Code that I have not a clue about but.......

As for control-command-click shortcut, when I use that shortcut to open up the excel document, I do get a (null) process.
19 Feb 2011, 17:20
(Null) process being created by FP possibly..

I am the same person that discussed with you hangups on restarts, shutdowns etc due to a null process.
I am running a 17" G4 PPC Mac, 10.5.8, current version of finderpop, and all system software is up-to-date.
I can replicate the following process at will.
In the finderpop folder, i have placed an Microsoft 2004 Excel file that I frequently use.
When I go to a blank section of the menu bar and click and hold, and navigate by mouse to this exel file, and launch it, In activity monitor, I get a (null) PID created. I have attached a screen shot.
When I navigate to the file directing via finder, and launch it, i do NOT get a (null) process.
When I go and inspect the (null) process, and look at open files and ports, this is what I see:
/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Office/Microsoft Component Plugin
/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Microsoft Excel
/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Office/Microsoft Office
/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Office/ShMem.bundle/Contents/MacOS/ShMem
/System/Library/Keyboard Layouts/AppleKeyboardLayouts.bundle/Contents/Resources/AppleKeyboardLayouts-B.dat
/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Office/Microsoft OLE
/System/Library/Fonts/xe3x83x92xe3x83xa9xe3x82xadxe3x82x99xe3x83x8exe6x98x8exe6x9cx9d ProN W3.otf
/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Office/Microsoft Framework
/System/Library/Fonts/xe3x83x92xe3x83xa9xe3x82xadxe3x82x99xe3x83x8exe6x98x8exe6x9cx9d ProN W6.otf
/System/Library/Fonts/xe3x83x92xe3x83xa9xe3x82xadxe3x82x99xe3x83x8exe8xa7x92xe3x82xb3xe3x82x99 ProN W3.otf
/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Office/Support Files/Icon Data
/System/Library/Fonts/xe3x83x92xe3x83xa9xe3x82xadxe3x82x99xe3x83x8exe8xa7x92xe3x82xb3xe3x82x99 ProN W6.otf
/System/Library/Fonts/xe5x84xb7xe9xbbx91 Pro.ttf

/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Microsoft Excel/..namedfork/rsrc
/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Office/Microsoft Component Plugin/..namedfork/rsrc
/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Office/Microsoft Office/..namedfork/rsrc
/Users/leeze/Library/FinderPop Items/ Cal Log.xls
/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Office/Microsoft Framework/..namedfork/rsrc

Again, i only see the (null) process when i launch the excel file via FP.

Thinking of possible questions, I opened the following files via the FP shortcut: RTF, JPEG, PDF, TXT.

None created a (null) process.

But when I opened a DOC file using Microsoft Word 2004, I got a null process.

I did last month did an archive and install and reinstalled Office 2004 (custom install).

249 (null) .jpg
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Re: (Null) process being created by FP possibly..

Postby turly » 19 Feb 2011, 22:33

I've just arrived back in Ireland and will be away from my Mac for the next 2 weeks (but the Apple factory is just up the road :)

As to FinderPop creating that null process, that would be news to me.
Back in the day, the (null) process was OS 9 running in Classic mode! I take it you can definitely rule that out? FinderPop hasn't launched Classic to open your document, has it??

I don't think I do anything special, from what I remember I just ask the Finder to open whatever it is you selected. Or it's possible I might use Launch Services to open it, I can't remember right now but will have a look at the code and report back later (the code I'm talking about probably won't have changed in years.)

What happens if you control-command-click in that folder and from the resulting FinderPop "Contents" menu, select your .doc or .xls file? Do you still get a (null) process?
15 Feb 2011, 19:49
Re: Restart / Shutdown Hang Up
Still testing but so far, only had one "hangup" and I can guarantee that it was not caused by FP.... (Skype was the cause, and I hardly use it so it cannot be the reason for the original hangups)
13 Feb 2011, 16:59
Re: Restart / Shutdown Hang Up

I screwed up. I compared zipped file size to unzipped. My error. That is what happens when one is trying to make heads/tails at 3 AM in the morning.

Second, to be honest, if I was 100% sure that FP was causing these "hand ups" I would have dumped the program. But I was not sure, and still am skeptical. You found a problem but I am not 100% sure that what you fixed will resolve my issue. Further testing on my part needs to be accomplished by me.

As for the beers, please that is not necessary. May I suggest that when you post the update, you specifically note that an apple event coding error has been corrected and those that were experiencing freezes upon SD/RS/LO give the new version a try.

I would prefer NO recognition other than what is on this board.

13 Feb 2011, 02:25
Re: Restart / Shutdown Hang Up
before I install this fix, the current version is 2.6 mbytes, this one is 5.9. Really?

Second, am I the only one to report this hang?

Lastly, while I appreciate your honesty, you must have a sense for the great amount frustration I have experienced tracking this problem down.
12 Feb 2011, 15:24
Re: Restart / Shutdown Hang Up
Thanks. Console is not logging anything. I thought that was because the machine was freezing before the log could be written...
(see attachment)
Maybe having the daemon write to disc might help but I do have an update:

After I downloaded a version from the net, and reinstalled it, after having purged any FP piece of code I could find, all is now... normal...

I have not done 5 each of sd/rs/lo but I have done at least 2 of each, without a hang...

Now, I am NOT holding my breath
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Re: Restart / Shutdown Hang Up

Postby mrdhs » 12 Feb 2011, 18:50

I spoke too soon. I had a hang up on the last log out.

Attached is the portion of the console log for a few minutes before my attempt to log out, and after, during a safe mode startup.

Maybe there is a nugget in that log I am missing.
Last Hang log msgs 12 Feb
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Re: Restart / Shutdown Hang Up

Postby turly » 12 Feb 2011, 23:37

I just realised that I completely ignore the QUIT AppleEvent in the Daemon. I had disabled it for some debuggery about two-and-a-half years ago.
How embarrassing! :oops:

I've fixed this in

Let me know if this sorts out your problem.

Previous versions would simply ignore the 'aevt'/'quit' AppleEvent, meaning finderpop-daemon hung around until the bitter end.
This version of FP will exit immediately on receipt of the 'quit' AppleEvent.

Thanks for the patience and my apologies for all the hassle!
11 Feb 2011, 21:43
Re: Restart / Shutdown Hang Up
You know, I always forgot something important.
yes, i am using 2.3.0.beta
and when I mean hang, I mean that the screen changes to the color I normally see just be the restart / shutdown etc, but then... nothing. No mouse. If I do the option-command-esc, the force quit window does NOT come up.
Cannot get to terminal (tried)
All that works is to hold the power button down for 5-6 seconds, wait one minute, and then I always reboot into safe mode just to ensure that the computer knows where it is at. (Probably do not have to do that but I do.) Here I verify the hard drive and repair permissions.
I have used disk warrior to rebuild my directory, and check for system problems. It has found none.
I have deleted my spotlight index and let it rebuild over night.
I have also reset PRAM and NVRAM a number of times.
I have also used applejack 1.6 to deep clean my system caches and also used it to do its "normal" stuff.
I have looked at my system using tinkertool 2 system and all that i found once was that my machine was confused as to which startup language to use, which I fixed.

None of the above has addressed this issue.

When I startup using virgin system on an external FW 800 drive that is solely virgin, no FP, etc etc etc, no hangs, as expected.

I did see in one console log that a "libsys a" had hung but do not always see that.

As for my system launching something on shutdown, I have had the problem when there are no apps running other than finder, and in my menu bar, I have turned off most of the items that are up there at various times, and only with finderpop turned off do I not get a hang screen within 5 cycles of SD/RS/LO soooooooo it could be one of them but ...........

So, just to be on the safe side, I downloaded a fresh version late last night instead of getting my copy from my stash. Using "easy find", I located each and every piece of finderpop I could find, and trashed them. I know your uninstaller is suppose to do that, but thinking that something just might be broken, decided to locale all the pieces manually. (But before trashing the old version, I looked inside the packages to see if I could spot a file / folder who had a modification date close to yesterday. Nadda.

Again using easy finder, searched for the FP injector and could not find a trace.

Restarted, verified hard drive, fixed permissions, and reinstalled a fresh copy of FinderPop. So far, shutdowns, restarts and log outs seem fine (did one of each...)

What I am clueless as to how to generate is a verbatim log of what happens during the shutdown process. If I knew how to do that, i would know that finding the offending culprit would be a whole lot easier....


I can wait for a while. i will use the time to gather more data.

I also do NOT have any command to auto shutdown or NOT auto shutdown my computer. I am at home, connected to a adsl modem, and sometimes, I also connect via shared device to my wife's G3, but I always disconnect from her machine physically long before I do a SD/RS/LO.

I did think at one time that was the problem but I did test over a period of hours with FP tuned off if having been connected to her machine was a problem and no hang occurred....

been at this over a month, methodically trying everything IU can think up in a manner that would invite reproducibility, but I keep coming back to FP....

Maybe these is something that i am running that it does not like, some daemon, some invisible process, some root process but am struggling to ID what that may be.