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27 May 2010, 11:37
Re: enhance other apps' contextual menus
sorry turly my autocorrect doesn't like your nick
27 May 2010, 11:35
Re: enhance other apps' contextual menus
hey truly
ok call me lazy but it would be cool to be able to click anywhere at all and bring up the finderpop options without having to mouse up to the menubar. for example i have a little scratchpad applescript which brings up a dialogue box where i can type a random thought which is immediately date/time stamped and saved to a text file. if i could invoke that with a simple click in whichever program i was working it would be great. but you know i'll live :)
27 May 2010, 08:20
enhance other apps' contextual menus

just stumbled into this brilliant little extension and unable to understand how i never stumbled into it in 25 years of using macs!
i have a question to which a search of the help pages and this forum did not throw up an answer … [insert suitable apology for having overlooked something obvious here]

how do i activate "enhance other apps' contextual menus too"?
it stays greyed out for me.

thanks lads