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06 Sep 2011, 16:28
Re: Empty Folder isn't really empty
The problem was a bad Finder alias in the Applications folder. I think there's more to it that an ordinarily-bad alias because I have been unable to reproduce the problem.

I tried turning FP off and on again as suggested. That didn't help.

I repaired disk permissions (again). I started up with an install DVD and tried disk repair. I restarted in Safe Mode to run its disk check. I restarted in single-user mode and ran fsck manually. Always, the HD was reported to be OK.

While scrounging through my Applications folder, I found an alias that Finder said was bad. I chose to delete it and then FP began working again. The alias was a Windows Applications alias installed somewhere along the line by Parallels Desktop. I tried reproducing the problem by adding a Finder alias to the Applications folder and then deleting the original item, but that did not deter FP. I even restored the broken alias from a TM backup and FP is still OK.

I appreciate your reply and I'm sooooo happy to have FP working again. I live by it.

03 Sep 2011, 12:34
Empty Folder isn't really empty
FP, Lion 10.7.1, MBP

I've placed an Applications folder alias in ~/Library/FinderPop Items. Clicking empty space in the menu bar and choosing the Applications menu item produces a submenu with the title "Empty Folder". Control-clicking on the Desktop and selecting the Applications item does nothing. All other aliases in FinderPops Items work as they should. on another Mac w/10.7.1 (an older Mac Pro) works just fine. A check of the MBP with Disk Utility shows no problems with permissions or the filesystem. I've trashed and recreated the Applications folder alias several times. I've tossed everything named ~/Library/Preferences/*finderpop* and restarted. No joy.

Perhaps there's a bug, or I have an issue within my Applications folder or my MBP's HD. Let me know if I can be of help.