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08 Apr 2012, 13:51
Happy Easter to all
Happy Easter to all :)
15 Feb 2012, 15:20
Re: recognize file for extension
Hello Turly :)
It is not possible to do this?
explain better what I think:

create a new extension, es '---e' (obviously this only work with a Finder selection)
create new prefix for recognize extension, es -ext (where ext is extensions of file)


-folder with extension ---e
- optional ---i
- the extension -zip for extension .zip, -rar for .rar and so on
then: folder---e---i-zip-rar-sit

this folder is visible only in contestual menu by selecting file extensions .zip and .rar and .sit in Finder

or another example

alias of stuffit expander---e-zip-rar-sit
for have this app only with this file extensions

this syntax is just an example :)
07 Feb 2012, 03:15
Re: recognize file for extension
sorry ^^'
I thought the extension 'crtr-!!!' and '!crtr-!!!'
many files do not have the creator especially .zip .JPEG etc when downloaded from internet.
Have a context menu that recognizes the file extension would be handy, for example, have a folder online (or alias app) only with certain file types.
06 Feb 2012, 12:23
recognize file for extension
many files have no creator, it would be nice to add the ability to recognize the file extension type and not only for the creator :)
12 Jan 2012, 20:16
Re: little problem with 10.6
the good news is that ... I don't have a problem XD
I pressed the button when I need the preview

thanks for the reply :)
11 Jan 2012, 23:54
Re: little problem with 10.6
First (10.5) I clicked once, relase the mouse button and sailed in the contestual menu.
Now I have to hold down the mouse button (all the time), otherwise open the Finder info window when invoking the shortcuts "p" or "i"

ps: If I invoke FP from the menubar, it works well as 10.4
one described above happens to me by clicking on the object or invoking FP for example by clicking on the desktop

If this is normal in 10.6 we can close the post with my apologies:)
11 Jan 2012, 18:23
little problem with 10.6
I finally upgraded to 10.6 ^^''
but I have a little proplem with FinderPop

If I use shortcuts type "p" or "i" the menu closes immediately and opens the Finder info window.
only works if I hold down the mouse button

any suggestions?

thanks in advance
27 Nov 2011, 16:08
Re: FPxtens
seen my ... ehm ... problems with English, I thought that the best thing was to use the images =)
(and thanks online translator!!)

the v. b3 seems to work well, if no problems arise I will go ahead with the translations :)
26 Nov 2011, 18:05
Re: FPxtens
I added a small manual to understand better the use ... an_en.html
19 Nov 2011, 15:06
Hello to all
i'm writing a applescript for FinderPop to manage extensions in "FindePop items" folder.

Can i have your opinion?

Source code is free, it is still in beta, the final version will be multi-language but not yet implemented
I compiled the script in the system 10.5 and seems to work well, I hope not to have problems with higher versions

I suggest to putting it in "FinderPop items" with -!!f extension

Thanks :)
ps: i know to have a bad english.. i'm sorry for this :)