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16 May 2013, 15:18
Re: how to stop FP disabling context menu in my app
Have had a thought :oops: if FP is in his login items then this would explain why the context menu on my app works briefly after he restarts but only for a short while.

I'd still be interested in how the user can 'exclude' Bin-it or how I might alter my app to be compatible with FP.
16 May 2013, 10:05
how to stop FP disabling context menu in my app
Morning, I'm the developer of an app that relies on a context menu (the user is able to disable dock icon and menu bar and then the context menu is the only way to reach prefs and options).

A user who is also using FP has had problems with the context menu not working in my app. He did discover that if he "excluded Binit from Finderpop" and restarted then my app worked fine. But only briefly (about 3 minutes apparently) before the context menu wouldn't show again. He now says that after switching FP off (not sure exactly what that means) the context menu still doesn't show.

Any suggestions how he can ensure that the context menu in my app will always appear?