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12 Feb 2014, 16:06
Re: Applications folder mismatch
Thank you RonaldPR for your reply. I guess I got so accustomed to using the "Open with" portion of my contextual menu that it didn't occur to me that FP did the same thing. Never noticed it mentioned in FP's features before either. Oh well, now I know. Peace. :)
09 Feb 2014, 20:49
Applications folder mismatch
I am running Finder pump version 2.5.1. on a late 2010 iMac that is running Osx Mavericks. In my FinderPop items folder I have placed an alias to my Applications folder. While in the desktop if I right-click on the hard drive icon and the menu pops up showing the applications folder, the items that appear there are not the same as what is actually in the Applications folder. However if I do a left click while in the Desktop on the blank area of the menu bar then the applications menu that pops up DOES show everything that's in my Applications folder.

For example if I use the first method I cannot see the application bodega in the applications menu. But if I use the second method described above then I can see bodega in the applications folder. Why does this happen? What am I doing wrong?

- Rob

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