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28 Jul 2014, 11:47
Re: Move to script ---- Yippee!
turly wrote:This is the kind of thing I was referring to in my original reply to you and why I was reluctant to do anything :-)

And yet you tried and the result was still better than what I had before. ;)

turly wrote:I've recoded the Applescripts so that if we are moving or copying a directory which already exists in the destination, that existing desitnation dir will get moved to the trash (with a unique prefix based on the current date/time.) Then the cp or mv takes place.

Try here: Copy+Move Scripts.zip
Let me know if there are further problems...

So far so good! Much thanks again, Turly. :D
23 Jul 2014, 21:55
Re: Move to script ---- Yippee!
Oh! Using OS X 10.9.4 for whatever that's worth.
23 Jul 2014, 02:18
Move to script ---- Yippee!
Trying it out now with FP2.5.6. Works great with regular ol' files. But when moving applications I get this error:

Error (1):
mv: rename /Volumes/Data/DOWNLOADS/Dropzone 3.x [SP].app to /Volumes/Data/ SerSeek/KG & P/Dropzone 3.x [SP].app: Directory not empty

Does it whether it's replacing the same version of app or earlier/later.
18 Jun 2014, 21:25
Re: move or copy file/folder to external disk
Thanks for the insight. I figured it wasn't a "walk in the park" kind of easy. Just really ticks me off, especially in this age of SSD boot volumes. I download stuff to an external. I use externals for scratch/draft stuff, keeping the space on my boot volume reserved for stuff I absolutely know I want to be there. Like wise much stuff goes from one external to another, often a network drive.

Nevertheless, love FP. Long may it, and you, and your liver, live!
18 Jun 2014, 02:49
Re: move or copy file/folder to external disk
Four years on and I come here to find the answer to this which I just noted. I've been an off/on user over the years but have recently become more of a power user (and so have donated just now - real name t******e). I've just now discovered the move function (such as it sadly is). Any hope or should I just drown my tears?