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12 Sep 2015, 18:53
Re: FinderPop Works on El Capitan
turly wrote:And there are rumours that the "SIP Disable" feature will be removed when 10.11 is released later this month.
I'm sticking to Mavericks on my machine at the moment.

This is why I'm not a big fan of beta software ;)

I installed EC on my late-2012 iMac for a bit and when I invoked FinderPop, the system froze to the point of a hard restart. EC is now "gone like a wild goose in Winter". Very happy with Mavericks as I use FinderPop daily and have since the days of OS8. The brief time I spent with El Capitan didn't impress me.
20 Jun 2012, 02:05
missing icon
Hi Turley,

With the latest update of iTunes, I now don't see the iTunes icon when I right-click my mouse and look at my apps in the Items Folder. I've tried deleting FinderPop pref files, deleting and reinstalling the iTunes icon in the Items Folder, repairing permissions, resetting PRAM and cleaning out cache files to no avail.

Any ideas? :?