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01 Oct 2017, 18:19
Re: FP breaks Finder's right-click contextual menu in Sierra?
UPDATE 3 ... and confession ...

I have to offer major apologies for belatedly noticing that this issue isn't as serious as I originally thought. Just today I reviewed ALL the posts re FP 2.5.9 Beta on both El Capitan and Sierra, and noted that some other users (not all) reported this issue ONLY in Icon view: in List and Column views the normal contextual items do appear. ... And yes, the same is true for me on Sierra. (I edited two of my earlier posts to clarify this.)

Very sorry, I didn't notice this because I always use Icon view for working with individual folders in Finder. Obviously it's not such a big deal to switch views to use one of the normal contextual commands.

There's a comic aspect to this, because I paid the price for my ignorance by spending the past 2 days re-creating all the contextual functions I really need via Applescripts in a separate FP Actions folder -- that's how much I need FP! (Fortunately it was just a case of invoking existing keystroke shortcuts for most of them.) ... Ah well, at least I ended up with a reduced set that includes everything I need without the clutter of the many useless ones in the normal menu.

So I'm very happy with my current FP setup, finally I can live with Sierra! ... I still wonder if anyone else has this Icon-view-only issue, it seems not everyone did before. ... But actually it seems I'm almost the only one still active on this forum. I hope that doesn't mean other long-term users like me have given up on FP. There IS life after Sierra!

But after all this, no way I'll bother with 10.13, or even do another 10.12 update that might undo all the work I've done (not only with FP!) to get my most essential apps functioning again.

Thanks again turly, I still owe you a couple of pints! ... you may yet get 'em ... :D
28 Sep 2017, 02:49
Re: FP breaks Finder's right-click contextual menu in Sierra?
Thanks, turly, I appreciate your taking the time to reply, and your honest answer. All clear, I won't expect a FP fix for Sierra anytime soon, so will keep trying everything else I can think of. ... No worries, and no need to reply further, I know everyone here appreciates the work you've done, well beyond the call of duty.

Actually my situation is very similar to yours: I've been running 10.8.5 for years and would be happy to keep doing so, since FP and most of my other essential apps and tools work fine there. However, as time goes on others don't, so I'm likewise forced to boot up Sierra from a separate partition for some things. ... The difference is that I spend a lot of time in front of my computer and all of it on Mac, so that's a load of humbug and not a viable long-term solution.

But I'd still like some confirmation that I'm not alone in this, since the lack of other reports of this specific problem makes me think I'm missing something and/or doing something wrong. ... IS ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE ?!?! ... Still watching and waiting ...
27 Sep 2017, 14:59
Re: FP breaks Finder's right-click contextual menu in Sierra?
Thanks for the reply turley. It would still be nice to get some confirmation that I'm not the only one (did you try it yourself?), so I'm hoping some other users will chime in. ... If anyone out there sees this, please do!

If it's not just me & it really is broken, I'm considering filling in the most essential missing contextual items with AppleScripts from FinderPopExtras + others. A case of 'reinventing the wheel' I know, but I'd rather have all the other features of FP working vs. the normal Finder contextual menu working without it.

Watching and waiting ...
27 Sep 2017, 09:17
Re: FP breaks Finder's right-click contextual menu in Sierra?
UPDATE 2 ...

Just discovered 2 new wrinkles:

- I tried completely uninstalling FP again (as above), then just installing normally as instructed in the FP2.5.9-BETA-README -- without any of blueberry's extra steps. I got the usual warnings about SIP (it was enabled), menulet, etc. ... then SURPRISE! It installed without a hitch. Everything working perfectly EXCEPT right-clicking in Finder windows in Icon view ... i.e. same result with normal installation or the extra steps.

- BUT I just noticed that right-clicking on Desktop folders/items (ONLY those on the Desktop ) also works without a hitch: all normal contextual items (the correct ones for the folder/item selected) + all FP items show up as they should. And behavior does not change with repeated clicks. ... Now the question is: why ONLY on the desktop (which is also obviously 'Icon view') and not within folders, incl. the Desktop viewed as a folder ?

If anyone knows the answer to that one, we might be on the track of a solution. All comments & advice welcome.
27 Sep 2017, 07:07
Re: FP is working under macOS Sierra 10.12 with SIP
Hello all, I posted a new topic regarding my particular problem:

Briefly, in Sierra (10.12.5) FP seems to break the normal function of right-clicking a folder or item in Finder windows. Right-clicking shows only FP items, not the normal contextual items. ... NOTE that this is only in Icon view, as reported by some others earlier re FP 2.5.9 Beta. In List or Column view, normal contextual items do appear. Apparently this is still the case in Sierra, at least for me. (I installed exactly as per blueberry's instructions.)

I would appreciate hearing from anyone here if you are experiencing this problem in Sierra, or not. If not, do you have any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks very much.
27 Sep 2017, 06:37
Re: FP breaks Finder's right-click contextual menu in Sierra?
EDIT: Apologies, I only recently realized that this is only the case in Icon view. In List or column view, the normal contextual items do appear. Very sorry, I missed some earlier posts reporting the same symptoms with FP 2.5.9 Beta on earlier OS releases.

UPDATE: I tried running with SIP disabled:
- Completely uninstalled FP pref pane using App Cleaner (it removed a few pref files as well)
- Restarted computer
- Reinstalled FP exactly as per blueberry's instructions, except for final step (re-enable SIP)
- Restarted computer

Result: even worse. Right-click (after first selecting) shows ONLY FP items, not even normal contextual items the first few times as before.

Then went thru the whole process again (as above, but including last step, re-enabling SIP). Result: same as just noted, not even normal contextual items the first few times as in my original post.

Now I'm thoroughly confused. Why was it at least partially/temporarily working before, now not at all?

I would appreciate any advice or comments from others:
Is it working for you (including normal Finder contextual items) after installing as per blueberry's instructions?
Is anyone else getting the same results I am?
Can anyone advise what I might be doing wrong, or some setting I might be missing?

Thanks very much. And of course immense thanks to turly for trying to keep this invaluable tool going.
26 Sep 2017, 02:25
Re: FP breaks Finder's right-click contextual menu in Sierra?
Thanx turly! Yes, 2.5.9 BETA. ... And I also discovered about clicking 1st then right-clicking. ... But for me it still breaks after a few right-clicks, then the only fix is to disable/re-enable FP via the pref pane, which lasts for a few more clicks, etc. ... I wouldn't mind if it lasted a bit longer! I really depend on FP so a slight inconvenience is no problem, but as-is it's almost unusable, at least for right-clicking in Finder. So for now I just avoid that as much as possible and use the other features, which seem to work fine so far.

Any idea if leaving SIP disabled would help? Please post if/when you discover a fix for this. Many thanks!
25 Sep 2017, 12:31
FP breaks Finder's right-click contextual menu in Sierra?
Hello, I recently installed FP on Sierra 10.12.5 according to these instructions:

I was VERY happy to have it back, but now I notice some strange behavior: after one or two right-clicks on files/folders in Finder windows, in some cases the normal contextual menu items disappear completely (Open, Open with, Move to trash , etc.) and only FinderPop items appear (with both in-line and separate submenu options in prefs). In other cases random items (often the most needed ones) are greyed out. Turning FP off in the pref pane restores normal behavior completely, so this definitely appears to be caused by FP. Turning FP off/on in the pref pane temporarily restores normal behavior, but after a few right-clicks on folders or items, the same symptoms return. I have tried changing all options on the pref pane one by one, but nothing seems to correct this.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior in Sierra?
Am I missing some setting that might correct this?
Would leaving SIP disabled help? (rather than re-enabling as per instructions in that link)

Over many years I've come to find FP indispensable, but unfortunately this bug (?) makes it unusable. Thanks very much for any advice or suggestions.