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22 May 2010, 12:30
How do I put Processes and Recent first in FP popup
FinderPop is proving very useful, and now I would like to explore using it for application switching regularly. I usually have a dozen apps open at any one time and latest Snow 10.6.3 is often slow switching to another app, eg from Safari using Quickeys.

So is there a way to put the Processes and Recent in the blank menu-bar FP popup menu at the top rather than the bottom. I've just read the 220 manual, and can't find how to do this there. Okay, not read, but I did look for around five minutes...

And is there a way to get the recently opened items showing as a sub-menu off an application in the Processes list? I mean in the same way that FP shows the contents of a folder and folder alias, this feature is sooo useful. :)

Thanks, Cris

and thanks for your feedback about auto-update. much appreciated.
22 May 2010, 16:00
Re: How do I put Processes and Recent first in FP popup
Command-click the menubar will give you a Processes menu
(Shift-clicking will give you FinderPop's Desktop menu)

From the manual:
Similarly, any item ending in '-!!p' will have a Processes submenu hanging off it. For example, having an item named 'Running-!!p' will result in a menu item named Running whose submenu lists the currently running apps. As usual with the FinderPop Process menu, if you hold down Control when mousing into the menu, it will include background-only processes.

So if you wanted your Processes submenu to appear at the top of every FinderPop popup, just create an empty folder in your FinderPop Items folder and rename it 00)Processes-!!p - the '00)' is an ordering prefix and the '-!!p' suffix tells FinderPop that you want this item to be a . You should probably turn off the 'Show Processes Submenu' option in the prefPane, otherwise you'll have two Processes submenus...

I'm not at my Mac right now but I thinkthe suffix '---p' will work too.