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03 May 2010, 00:31
FinderPop 2.2.8 unexpected behaviors

FinderPop 2.2.8
Snow Leopard.3

I am experiencing the following unexpected behaviors.

• pressing i or command option while a file is selected in a FinderPop menu displays the Finder's Get Info window instead of FinderPop's Info pane

• selecting an item in the Finder and then navigating through FinderPop to a destination folder or volume results in the destination displaying in a Finder window rather than displaying FinderPop's dialog which presents options to move, copy, alias, or do nothing

• if I right-click or two-finger tap (on a MacBook Pro) a folder, the resulting FinderPop menu is missing the submenu for that folder even though the Contents option is checked in FinderPop System Preference

Could the above be related to having installed Unsanity's new APE (2.6) for Snow Leopard?

Many thanks and cheers!

03 May 2010, 07:41
Re: FinderPop 2.2.8 unexpected behaviors
Hey Barry,

First I've heard of Unsanity's new APE, I'll give it a try next time I'm at my Mac. What haxies have you installed? Have you tried disabling APE to see if it makes a difference?

Your first issue is a known problem in FinderPop for Snow Leopard, I haven't ported all the 'FinderPop Info window' stuff to Cocoa yet.
Your second and third issues are down to FinderPop not being able to tell what it was you clicked on in the Snow Leopard Finder.
From the README:

- FinderPop gets info on what it was you clicked on in the Finder via the
Services subsystem - ensure that you have 'Folder Actions Setup…' enabled: System Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Services -> Files & Folders -> (ensure "Folder Actions Setup…" is checked.)

Let me know if that fixes those issues. I'm still working on the FinderPop Info Window thingy.

BTW I released 2.2.9 yesterday: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=85
04 May 2010, 21:33
Re: FinderPop 2.2.8 unexpected behaviors
Hi Turly,

Many thanks for the helpful reply!

WindowShade 5.0.2

Issues 2 and 3 have resolved after cold rebooting (three times, just to make sure!).

Only (known) issue 1 remains.

Yes, I downloaded FP2.2.9 yesterday and still need to install it.

Thanks again and cheers!