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01 Apr 2010, 22:59
Seriously weird stuff 10.6.3
Am having seriously weird experiences trying to get any beta of FP working on my MacBook 13" unibody [4GB RAM] running 10.6.3
Before installing 10.6.3, I cleared all the caches, fixed permissions etc before upgrade, then installed 10.6.3
Upon trying to re-install FP (224b8 to 226 betas), I get the following error message:

"FinderPop was unable to set the permissions (error -3).It looks like System Preferences was already running while you tried to install FinderPop. Please quit System Preferences and try installing again."

Well, SP was NOT running (as per Turley's instructions in the ReadMe) so I am now looking for help from others. Has anyone else seen anything like this? Any assistance welcomed and thanks in advance.