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Who What
23 Mar 2010, 07:20
FP 2.2.6 beta
Hi Turly
am running most recent beta and am unable to get the Finder Labels' colours to show in the FP menus. The box is checked but it doesn't seem to be working.
Running FP on Mini 2Gb RAM and Macbook 13" unibody 4Gb Ram, both 10.6.2.
Happy to help in solving this
23 Mar 2010, 09:43
Re: FP 2.2.6 beta
Oh yeah, whoops - must mention that in the release notes.
Neither Finder Labels nor those 'Help Info Windows' you get by pressing cmd+option yet work in FinderPop under the 10.6 Finder. It's a bunch of Carbon code that I have yet to port to Cocoa.
They'll work OK if you click in an unused bit of menubar as the menubar FP popup stuff is handled by the (32-bit Carbon) finderpop-daemon.

I'll get to it :-)