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17 Jan 2010, 08:46
Font list in FinderPop?
Hi all,
I got a lifetime problem organising fonts accross all Mac OS's from 10.4. to 10.6 by using chiefly Intel-iMac's. Though I got the newest versions of most of the popular font apps like Suitcase, FontExplorer X Pro & Co. The one and only that really helped in the past was FontCard by Unisanity, but it's gone, probably forever (R.I.P.).
So my simple question is why doesn't the great FinderPop support a self-built WYSIWYG font folder where font types can be choosen from as needed regardless what application is currently running? I'm not talking about hundred of fonts, rather a reasonable stock of let's says 20 to 30.
I can't imagine why that additional feature would be too far away from the FP's capabilities.

10 Sep 2011, 23:21
Re: Font list in FinderPop?
I also think this feature would be greatly helpful. Has any solution for this been introduced yet?

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