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03 Dec 2009, 13:31
FInderPop 2.2 refuses to install in 10.5.8

I want to try FinderPop on my new Intel Mac Mini running 10.5.8. So I downloaded the recommended version, 2.2. Is this the latest for Leopard? it's dated 2009/02...

But FinderPop refuses to install, saying "an error has occurred", see

FP install fails.png

Yet a forum search gives nothing about won't install...

What am I doing wrong. The png shows some of the other utilities that I have, Quickeys, Windowshade, Flip4Mac (for sound WMA files). Microsoft mouse for my five-button optical mouse.. and Little Snitch.

FP install fails.png
FP install fails.png (182.75 KiB) Viewed 2080 times
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Re: FInderPop 2.2 refuses to install in 10.5.8

Postby turly » 03 Dec 2009, 17:33

That's a weird alert. That alert is not put up by FinderPop and looks like it comes from the system, but it says "the FinderPop preferences pane" instead of the official title "preference pane" like the dialog below it (note the extra 's'.)

Does it matter whether you choose "Install for all users" or "install for just you"?

Sometimes error information will appear in - it might be worth opening /Applications/Utilities/ and seeing what appears when you try to install FinderPop...

The best version of FP to run on 10.4 and 10.5 is 2.2.1 beta1 -- see viewtopic.php?f=3&t=30
(It has a couple of thousand users and no-one's complained much so far... plus it's more compatible with the 10.5.8 Finder than the official 2.2 release.)