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23 Nov 2015, 20:34
operating on Finder selections
My use of FinderPop has been exclusively for operating on Finder selections (first attachment). In El Capitan, I can do all the same operations using Automator workflows as Services, but it looks ugly (second attachment) and is not as convenient as using FinderPop.

If El Capitan Services can do this with SIP enabled, can FinderPop be made to also do this with SIP enabled? I suspect not, but thought I'd ask, since my use is only a small subset of FinderPop's capabilities. The new FP menulet doesn't show anything in my setup.
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Re: operating on Finder selections

Postby turly » 23 Nov 2015, 21:12

Hey Bill,

As you say, you're only using the "operate on Finder selection" side of FinderPop -- and all your FinderPop Items end in "---f" (meaning "only show this when there's a selection", which doesn't apply to menubar-clicks -- which is what the menulet is, to all intents and purposes, and so clicking in the menulet won't show anything.)

You seem to be looking for FinderPop to "tidy up" that contextual menu? Unfortunately the answer is "no", I'd have to patch the services code which would be a no-no when SIP is enabled. FP would also have no access to the Finder's contextual menu when SIP is enabled.

Apple should probably allow setting of icons etc for Services menu entries, then maybe it wouldn't look quite so clunky...